Come To The Well Foundation Inc
1820 59th Street West
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Providing Christ-centered Wellness, Fellowship and Wholeness nourishing the mind, body and spirit.
CEO/Executive Director No Executive Director
Board Chair Belinda Stump
Board Chair Affiliation Community Volunteer
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Organization DBA
Come To The Well
Land of A Thousand Hills
Tax Exempt Status Public Supported Charity
Incorporation Year 2012
State Charitable Solicitations Permit Yes June 2017
State Registration Yes June 2017
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Impact Statement

Our community facility offers Christ-centered wellness, fellowship, and wholeness opportunities. It is a safe haven for people to come nourish their mind, body and spirit, individually and collectively. We have established a place for the weary to rest their tired souls and leave their burdens behind.

Once immersed into an encouraging community, people’s concerns broaden wider than themselves and they realize they are not alone in their struggles.  They are able to have  greater courage to move into unknown areas of outcome, their awareness towards compassion is raised and they become more genuine towards others. People are moving from their comfort zones into the exciting joy of sharing a life in community! It has been said that encouragement costs nothing to give, but it is priceless to receive.


  1. To be able to share the love of Christ with preschool/elementary age children.
  2. To create a larger mission room so a greater number of volunteers can come into our facility to sew, crochet and craft together in fellowship. We can, in turn, provide usable basic needs items to more traveling missionaries so they can share them throughout the world.
  3. To open Land of A Thousand Hills Coffee House which will offer an extension of our fellowship and mission at Come To The Well. This collaborative partnership will serve to help small villages in Rwanda with coffee farming, fair trade wages, build schools for children, and see the miraculous work of the gospel.
  4. To enlarge the existing community room so it has capacity to accommodate the growing number of individuals coming to music venues, studies & workshops, worship experiences and retreat opportunities.
  5. Securing funding to pay staff for overseeing the daily operations of Come To The Well will enable us to continue to provide integrity and cohesiveness in our mission of serving people in an individual and genuine way. 
Needs Statement
Our desire is to find a means of financial support to sustain day-to-day facility operations and programs so that we have the ability to further develop relationships within the community, as well as partner and collaborate with like-minded organizations to share the love of Christ. 
  1. Lease Commitments : $71,000 (annually) to sustain the lease for our coffee house, community service facility and wellness area.  
  2. Program Equipment: $50,000 to purchase items for our various programs(coffee house equipment $20,000--technology equipment $20.000---furniture $10,000).
  3. Operations: $130,000 to employ individuals to oversee daily operations and programs(operations director $50,000---general manager $35,000---support staff $45,000). 
Background Statement

In March 2012, the question was posed, "How can we strengthen our minds in Christ as we engage in our daily routines such as exercising, talking with friends & co-workers, listening to music, restoring the body, studying the Bible and praying? Where can we participate in all these events and stay focused on Jesus, the one who brings us hope? 

 God's Vision: Come To The Well

With only a dream scratched on paper and the hearts of His servants, the Lord moved with swiftness. The doors of Come to The Well were opened on September 17, 2012. It is amazing how God orchestrates harmony in His Kingdom--sharing God-given talents & abilities, time and resources.

Come to The Well is operated with JESUS as the synergy of every fitness class, faith-building study, service program, and gathering that is offered.

Areas Served
Areas Served
FL- Manatee
FL- Sarasota
Areas Served Comments We serve our local community through daily hours of operation that purpose our mission at Come To The Well. We serve areas nationally and internationally through our mission projects and charity giving.
Service Categories
Primary Org Type Religion- Related
Secondary Org Type Human Services
Tertiary Org Type Philanthropy,Voluntarism & Grantmaking Foundations
Statement from the Board Chair/Board President

As a founding board member of Come To The Well Foundation, Inc., I have had a front row seat in watching how faith can restore healing in a community! In March 2012, Come to The Well was only a vision, but six months later through a grassroots effort, Come To The Well opened a 2,200 square feet facility. It has proven to be a place of restoration of faith, trust and hope! As it has been said before, “encouragement costs nothing to give, but it is priceless to receive.”

In order to have a healthy attitude and disposition, our mind, body and spirit must be nurtured daily. We need courage to engage and face each day’s circumstances. If our hearts are compromised and divided, we lose interconnectedness with our purpose. When we become disconnected, our involvement in the community God has placed us in becomes lonely and unfulfilling. No person was ever meant to be an island, set apart and all alone. Community is what God intended for us. So the experience of fellowship is what gives us a sense of wholeness.

Connecting with my heart’s purpose happens on my yoga mat. I am a certified Holy Yoga instructor and I have the honor of sharing God’s Word through this spiritual discipline. I teach weekly classes at Come To The Well and help others reconnect with God through experiential worship. Reconnecting isn’t the same for everyone! Spending time in a quiet place to worship in song, or reading scripture and praying may refresh your soul. Maybe just a real conversation with another person who takes the time to listen to your story will uplift you! Gathering with others for the common goal of creating handmade items and becoming part of the story of traveling missionaries around the world may make your heart sing. Come to The Well offers all of these avenues to refreshment to the heart. It has been called by some a “mini retreat” experience that resonates the embrace of God.

Come To The Well is growing and we are asking for your help! Until now, the foundation has been exclusively operated by an all-volunteer board of directors along with dozens of community volunteers. We realize that governing an expanding organization requires us to change. For example, we will need to employ an operations director to effectively maintain a well-run ministry.  Collectively as a board of directors, we feel it is important that all current and future donors be as proud of the way this grassroots organization was founded and what we stand for. It has been said that Come to The Well is a “foundation with a heart.” We aim to keep it that way!

Come To The Well Foundation, Inc. would love to invite you to partner with us during these exciting times! I pray you are intrigued by our mission and purpose. In our willingness to do God’s work, won’t you join us?

With Gratitude,

Belinda Stump

Board President, Come To The Well Foundation, Inc.

Description When connected to God, one can sense that life has purpose and meaning.  The gathering is designed for people to come together on Sunday as an opportunity for encouragement and fellowship. A collective body of people is an opportunity for showing love towards God, for being with God, and for breathing in His goodness, mercy, and majesty. 
Budget $10,000
Category Religion, General/Other Christianity
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served General/Unspecified Families Children and Youth (0 - 19 years)
Short Term Success This weekly venue is providing a positive community outreach opportunity to renew the mind and find positive friendships.  Our multi-faceted formatted program of music, prayer, and a faith building message is serving a broad base of age groups. We reach homebound and hospital patients through video taped segments weekly.
Long Term Success People can experience fellowship by connecting with their neighbors. Driving long distances to find a place to gather together is not necessary any longer. Our facility is located in a heavily populated residential area and close to senior living and a major hospital. We hope to continue to give hope generously to our neighboring community.
Program Success Monitoring The community which regularly attends Simple Heart Worship is sharing a changed outlook on life. Exhibited in people who come on Sundays, there is an undeniable joy, peace, forgiveness, and love towards one another. There has also been an influx of participants in our weekly bible studies at Come To The Well, and new volunteers are signing up to be a "well-refresher" (daily greeter +tour guide+mentor) during our open hours Monday-Friday.
Program Success Examples Prayer requests during community gathering on Sunday has helped people realize they are not alone in their lives. More of the community is opening up and sharing joys, sorrows, and needs in small group circles. This venue of fellowship shares hope to families with small children, as well as unwed mothers and grandparents raising grandchildren. 
Description To give the love of Christ freely is the heart of our foundation. We are committed to being the hands and feet of Christ, not only inside this community, but sharing this kind of love to many cultures and with people around the world. Through financial gifting, handmade clothing items, and hospitality gifts of wellness, we are able to "pay forward" the blessings we have received and be good, reliant stewards of God's money. Collaborating with individuals, traveling missionaries, and like-minded organizations, we hope to make a powerful impact on those we connect with.
Budget $5,500
Category Human Services, General/Other
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served Poor,Economically Disadvantaged,Indigent US& International Other Economic Level
Short Term Success Many of our handcrafted garments have been picked up from our dedicated mission room by traveling missionaries who are going to remote villages in countries such as Kenya, Cambodia, Haiti, Guatemala, and Dominican Republic.  Little dresses, boys' shorts, backpacks, crocheted totes and baby bibs have been distributed to children. All items are made in our mission room and prayed over by each volunteer seamstress. We are seeing the smiles of hope and change as the traveling missionaries return to tell us their stories!   
Long Term Success When basic needs are unmet in a person's life, there is a heavy burden on their hearts, both physically and emotionally. If we can help to relieve some of those basic needs requests and/or help the healing begin through our existing programs at our facility, then hope begins to lift the broken, hurting and lonely. Community starts to mean something positive to them! Once people experience a "hand up," the gospel of Jesus Christ has established roots and joy can begin to grow.
Program Success Monitoring We receive correspondence through letters, photos and thank you cards from recipients. Many local recipients come to our facility to share their hope-filled stories with others. Some begin to attend community organized events, faith-building studies, and enjoy fellowship with new friends. Volunteerism begins to blossom in their hearts. 
Program Success Examples We have met the basic needs of individuals in the local community by reconnecting electric services, provided food and meals when tragedy devastates a family, provided a "hand up" by paying rent while a person is in transition between jobs, and provided essentials to new, unwed mothers. In the last 6 months, we have seen over 200 items move out of our mission room into the hands of traveling missionaries. Our volunteer seamstresses are quite busy! 
Come to The Well offers a safe, quiet atmosphere. Our Christ-centered wellness/fitness program encourages people to understand what it is to experience being physically present in a calming place, and then reconnecting with the living breath for strength in mind, body, & spirit.
We offer opportunities in spiritual disciplines such as yoga and meditative prayer.  We maintain dedicated space for these modalities of wellness, including a beautiful water element in the prayer room.  Therapeutic and restorative massage are available by appointment, complete with healing oils of aromatherapy.  All modalites of healing are supported and facilitated by licensed/certified community individuals. 
Through our wellness/fitness program people can learn they are not alone on the road to healthy living. Strength and peace belong to the creator and are found from within. 
Budget $25,000
Category Recreation & Sports, General/Other Physical Fitness
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served General/Unspecified General/Unspecified
Short Term Success Each week we see more people coming through our doors and they are sharing the positive life-changing experiences with friends and family. We try to keep our classes small in number, so there can be individualized instruction and genuine, honest conversation.  We find this to be one of the healing miracles for those who attend regularly.
Long Term Success We look forward to expanding this program. There is a particular interest in small retreat venues for leadership groups and groups of women/men who want to connect to like-minded women/men. These special retreat opportunities would be created based on needs of the group being served. Retreat environments can be a powerful holistic approach to healing the mind, body, and spirit.
Program Success Monitoring Success is currently monitored by program volunteers and facilitators/teachers.  They are on the receiving end of conversations as they hear participants share praise reports of how they have benefited from the various wellness experiences.  Different from private spa treatment facilities, the healing touch of Jesus penetrates hearts at Come To The Well to offer restoration in completeness.
Program Success Examples It is not uncommon to hear heartfelt thankfulness from individuals who participate in the various forms of wellness and fitness at Come to The Well. Some frequent comments are "I have not felt this rested and with no pain in years. Can I just stay a little longer" (after restorative yoga), " My body doesn't know what to do, cry or jump for joy. It feels like I have stripped away years of worry"(after massage), and "I feel like I have just surrendered all my burdens on my mat. So uplifting and feeling the presence of peace! Thank you for showing me the power of praying through my body"(after yoga class).
Description Faith-based studies are planned throughout the year and are led by many volunteers in the community. Both video studies and book studies are being used. Learning how to live out one's faith is rewarding and reveals the freedom towards an abundant life in Christ. Workshops and retreat opportunities are also used as educational tools.
Budget $15,000
Category Education, General/Other
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served Adults Adults
Short Term Success Since classes are held in small groups (5-18 people), there is a fellowship quality among the participants that help one feel safe and comfortable. Friendships are established as learning takes place. Our education program provides hope collectively.  
Long Term Success Classes are well attended and very few drop out of the study that they have signed up for. New and vibrant learning with quality teaching materials is our goal so people will learn the beauty of sharing this earthly journey with Christ.
Program Success Monitoring Conversations among the people are very entwined with the teaching shared during class sessions. Some participants meet other times during the week to converse and dive deeper into the content being studied.
Program Success Examples Testimonies from the participants let us know how classes are impacting their lives. Many who have shied away from faith-based studies are opening their hearts and minds to our small interactive groups. 
Description Gathering people together is important in our society. This program is designed to facilitate the joy of being in community and sharing life collectively. We provide and maintain a share library, a prayer room, a community gathering room and a coffee/tea area. We have designed some outdoor seating to inspire conversations in natural surroundings.
Budget $10,000
Category Community Development, General/Other Community Renewal
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served General/Unspecified General/Unspecified General/Unspecified
Short Term Success We maintain daily open hours with volunteer well-refreshers. These volunteers welcome and share hospitality with every guest at Come To The Well. A simple guided tour given by the refresher to the community visitor breaks the silence and most times they will strike up a conversation and perhaps even share a cup of coffee together. We have seen many new friendships start through such a kind and simple act of grace.
Long Term Success We desire to continue to develop and maintain a welcoming, safe place rich with the love of Christ igniting the light of the gospel. A genuine spirit of hospitality and connectedness will develop among the people setting a positive example of fellowship for other communities to witness. We see volunteerism as a tool to our long term success.    
Program Success Monitoring The volunteer spirit to help others is becoming infectious! There is evidence that fellowship in community fills something inside every person that cannot be explained. Through increased participation in our programs, plus an increased trust among the people, there is more interaction and commitment. People are sharing needs, hurts, praises, challenges and seeking the power of community prayer. We see the HOPE that fellowship stirs in people's hearts! It is a vision of wholeness only fully obtained by the love of Christ.
Program Success Examples There is an energy among the people that resounds with joy. Conversations have become livelier among the people, even those whom many have never met before. People are lingering longer to chat or they are sharing time together outside the walls of our facility. A comment from a person leaving Come To The Well after a community gathering," I come away from this place feeling so free. There is so much love in the air. Jesus is alive in these people." A comment after a community music gathering, "that was so refreshing to experience God's love through such a simple presentation of song and praise. I need to invite others to come with me next time."
Program Comments by Organization
Come To The Well feels that music can heal the soul like nothing else! We, in fact, have devoted an entire room that is used strictly for this purpose. We call it our Soul.Fill Room. This glass room gives the feeling of an intimate sound room, similar to a musician's recording studio. Individual headsets and an extra-large screen monitor truly offer a unique music experience. This room has been designed to cause no disruption to the serene atmosphere of Come To The Well. Specially selected audio/video sessions are developed with thematic content specially created for individuals or groups. We introduce people to Christian music artists and share the stories behind their music and lyrics. We created this room to be wheelchair accessible and it is great for the hearing impaired individual. 
CEO/Executive Director
CEO/Executive Director No Executive Director
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Volunteers 75
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Non-Management Formal Evaluation N/A
Freedoms' Promise is a nonprofit organization based in Tennessee that partners with indigenous Cambodian groups to prevent human trafficking and child exploitation. We supported them financially as well as sent handmade dresses and shorts with missionaries traveling to the country.

Great Commission Ministries (now Reliant) mobilizes missionaries to work in local churches and ministries for the purpose of evangelism, discipleship and church planting. Through prayer and financial giving, we help support a missionary on the college campus of Bowling Green State University.

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship/USA is a college campus ministry that establishes and advances witnessing communities of students and faculty. We prayed and financially helped support a college campus missionary at the University of Connecticut.   

Traveling missionaries come by our facility to take items that are made in our mission room by volunteers in the community to distribute to children in poverty or underdeveloped areas. We sew little dresses, britches, back packs, and tote bags. Through this collaboration we have touched the lives of many children in Haiti, Guatemala, Africa,and Costa Rica. 

Safe Children Coalition helps assist abused and neglected children. We provide items made in our mission room to the Florida branches in Sarasota and Manatee counties.  
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Organization Licensed by the Government No
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Nondiscrimination Policy No
Whistle Blower Policy No
Document Destruction Policy No
Directors and Officers Insurance Policy No
Policies and Procedures No
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Other Document 2
New Location Floor Plan
Board Chair
Board Chair Belinda Stump
Company Affiliation Community Volunteer
Board Term June 2012 to June 2018
Board Chair Email
Board Members
Board Members
Sheen Esch Bradenton Prosthetics & Orthotics
Dr. George Fisher Manatee Memorial Hospital Head Chaplain
Steve Hunneke Community Volunteer
Missy Spahn Community Volunteer
Belinda Stump Community Volunteer
Constituency Includes Client Representation Yes
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Board Gender
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Female 3
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Board Term Lengths 3
Board Term Limits 99
Board Orientation Yes
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 10
Board Meeting Attendance % 97
Board Self-Evaluation Yes
Written Board Selection Criteria No
Board Conflict of Interest Policy Yes
% of Board Making Monetary Contributions 100
% of Board Making In-Kind Contributions 100
Current Year Projections
Tax Year Start Month Jan
Tax Year Start Day 01
Tax Year Begins 2016
Tax Year End Month Dec
Tax Year End Day 31
Tax Year Ends 2016
Projected Revenue $125,342.00
Projected Expenses $124,055.00
Organization has Endowment No
Capital Campaign
Currently In a Capital Campaign Yes
Anticipate Campaign within 5 years? Yes
Campaign Purpose Expansion
Campaign Goal $80,000.00
Campaign Dates July 2015 to Mar 2016
Amount Raised To Date 32000 as of Sept 2015
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Fiscal Year201520142013
Program Expense$92,357$64,030$59,156
Administration Expense$0$4,705$3,082
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Total Revenue/Total Expenses1.641.081.05
Program Expense/Total Expenses100%93%95%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue0%0%0%
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Fiscal Year201520142013
Total Assets$65,225$11,699$6,423
Current Assets$32,182$11,699$6,423
Long-Term Liabilities$0$0$0
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Total Net Assets$65,225$11,699$6,423
Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201520142013
Top Funding Source & Dollar AmountContributions, gifts, grants $136,058Contributions, gifts, grants $56,057Contributions, gifts, grants $44,687
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountProgram Service Revenue $15,420Program Service Revenue $17,954Program Service Revenue $20,725
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar Amount0 $00 $00 $0
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Tax Credits No
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Fiscal Year201520142013
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities------
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Fiscal Year201520142013
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets0%0%0%
Financials Comments
Financial Comments by Foundation Financial information taken from the Federal 990-EZ.  Contributions include foundation and corporate support. 
Nonprofit Come To The Well Foundation Inc
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