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The Florida Holocaust Museum honors the memory of millions of innocent men, women and children who suffered or died in the Holocaust. The museum is dedicated to teaching members of all races and cultures to recognize the inherent worth and dignity of human life in order to prevent future genocides.

CEO/Executive Director Ms. Elizabeth Gelman
Board Chair Ms. Amanda Saft
Board Chair Affiliation Community Volunteer
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The Florida Holocaust Museum
Tax Exempt Status Public Supported Charity
Incorporation Year 1991
State Charitable Solicitations Permit Yes June 2018
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Impact Statement
During Fiscal Year 2016-2017:
  • 150,000 people reached annually inside the Museum & through its outreach programs
  • 1,500 Police Officers trained in Law Enforcement & Society: Lessons of the Holocaust program
  • 200 hours of Survivor testimony recorded & digitized: Technology Initiative
  • 1 of 3 accredited Holocaust Museums in the United States
  • In 441 schools, exposing 72,215 children to the concepts of upstander behavior, the rights & responsibilities of living in a democracy, & speaking out against injustice during the 2016-17 school year. In addition, the FHM worked with 1,178 teachers this year, touching the lives of many more students through the education of their teachers & assisting with the implementation of statutorily required instruction about the Holocaust.
2017-18 GOALS:
  • Law Enforcement & Society: In the upcoming year, the FHM will begin training the Bradenton Police Department & hosting sessions during the midnight shift for St. Petersburg Police Department.
  • Continue to record and digitize Survivor testimony, in order to keep the stories of Holocaust Survivors, Liberators & Rescuers alive for future generations.
  • Technology Initiative: In partnership with the USC Shoah Foundation, The FHM has created 2 lessons using survivor stories from its archival collection & other sites throughout Florida in IWitness. This online, multi-media platform provides students & educators access to more than 1,500 full life histories, testimonies of survivors & witnesses to the Holocaust & other genocides for guided exploration & activities. In 2017-18, this Florida-focused Holocaust curriculum will be piloted in Broward, Leon, Pinellas &West Palm Beach Co. School Districts & new lessons will continue to be created.
  • Our commitment to professionalism, standards & best practices allows us to host national & international exhibitions & to attract tens of thousands of visitors every year. In Feb. 2018, we will host the blockbuster exhibition "Operation Finale: The Capture&Trial of Adolf Eichmann."
Needs Statement

1. Teaching Trunks – Continue to provide Teaching Trunks free of charge to any Teacher or school that requests one throughout the state of Florida and the United States. $10,000 sponsors a Teaching Trunk in perpetuity; $1,000 sponsors a Teaching Trunk for one year; $300 covers the average round-trip transportation for one Teaching Trunk.

2. Teacher Education – To provide Educators throughout the state of Florida with ongoing and advanced training, curriculum and resources regarding the Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights. $1,000 allows a teacher to attend an extended Summer Institute training seminar series and $100 enables a teacher to attend on Teacher Training class at no cost.

3. Anne Frank Humanitarian Award Program – established in 2001, this program recognizes and honors outstanding humanitarian efforts by high school juniors in public and private schools in Sarasota, Manatee, Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough counties. Patron Sponsorship of the Anne Frank Humanitarian Award Program is $10,000, and $200 underwrites the cost of honoring one student with the Award.

4. Law Enforcement and Society - $5,000 underwrites LEAS training for one Police Department.

5. Annual Survivor Luncheon - $5,000 sponsors an annual Survivor lunch or brunch.

Background Statement

When Walter P. Loebenberg, Holocaust Survivor, and St. Petersburg businessman and philanthropist, founded The Florida Holocaust Museum in 1989, the original staff began collecting official documentation, photographs, artifacts, and the eyewitness testimony of Survivors. Personal histories and first-hand testimony are a crucial part of the Museum’s collections, as they serve to foster and support all its educational endeavors. In 1994, the Museum successfully sponsored legislation which mandated Holocaust education in public schools. Upon legislation passage, The FHM became a contracted Holocaust Education Service Provider for the State of Florida.


In 1998, the Museum acquired and renovated its current facility, increased staff, expanded its core exhibit, and created the largest library for Holocaust and genocide research in the Southeastern United States. The Museum continues to develop its curriculum and education delivery methods through teacher training, campus liaisons, Teaching Trunks for Pre K-12 schools, student seminars, age-appropriate tours for school classes, lectures, special events, presentations, and more. The FHM received accreditation from the American Alliance of Museums in 2003, one of only three Holocaust museums to hold this distinction. 


The FHM’s award-winning exhibitions have toured museums around the country and The FHM has been fortunate to offer audiences some of the most important exhibitions and programming from around the world. The Museum regularly hosts programming on the Holocaust, human rights and genocide with speakers such as Dr. Stephen Smith, Executive Director of the USC Shoah Foundation and Giselle Rodriguez, State Outreach Coordinator of the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking.


The Museum’s focus on individual narratives that begin before World War II is designed to create a relationship between the past and the present, and an understanding that the majority of the victims, heroes, perpetrators, and resisters were ordinary people faced with extraordinary situations and choices. Our larger goal is to connect the choices people made in the past to the choices people are faced with in the present, using the lessons of the Holocaust to create a better future for all. 

Areas Served
Areas Served
Areas Served Comments
In 1994 the Museum successfully sponsored legislation which mandated Holocaust education in public schools.  Upon legislation passage, The FHM became a contracted Holocaust Education Service Provider for the State of Florida.  However our educational services and reach extended into seventeen (17) states in 2014 through the request of Educators for the use of our Teaching Trunks in their classrooms.
Service Categories
Primary Org Type Arts,Culture & Humanities
Secondary Org Type Education
Tertiary Org Type Education
Statement from the Board Chair/Board President

The Florida Holocaust Museum (The FHM) focuses on educating the current generation about the past to create a better future for all. From chairing The FHM’s Speak Up, Speak Now!® summer outreach program, I witness first-hand the impact of exploring identity, thinking about inclusion versus exclusion, and discussing ways to stand up to prejudice, bullying, and stereotypes have on middle school children. Learning about the Holocaust and other genocides gives young people the historical lens through which to understand present issues and gives them the tools to combat the injustices – belittling jokes, slurs, ridicule, dehumanization – that they see in the schoolyard, online and in the world around them. Offering students, educators, police officers, and the general public resources to learn about past genocides, how individual choices and actions shape society, and how bystander behavior allows bad situations to escalate is our part in the effort to make the words “never again” ring true. Now more than ever The FHM is needed to ensure that the lessons learned from the Holocaust of tolerance and eliminating hate-filled violence are not forgotten.

     - Amanda Saft, Board President and Grandchild of Survivors

Statement from the CEO/Executive Director

- It is truly shocking that in the 21st Century we are still dealing with the terrible manifestations and costs of hatred and bigotry. The Florida Holocaust Museum (The FHM) is dedicated to teaching the members of all races and cultures the inherent worth and dignity of human life in order to prevent future genocides.

Every day, throughout the state of Florida, The FHM teaches about the consequences of hate; the consequences of not speaking up when we see others marginalized or denigrated. We know that education is the most powerful way to combat the ignorance, racism, and fear that continues to be exploited in order to subjugate, brutalize and murder other human beings throughout the world today. It has been over 72 years since the liberation of Auschwitz and, sadly, we continue to hear echoes of the hateful rhetoric and actions of the past. We must take every opportunity to remind ourselves of the universal lessons of the Holocaust and to foster a shared culture of remembrance.

The Holocaust did not happen simply because of the twisted ideology of one madman. It was allowed to fester and bloom into the horror it was through the inaction and silence of the many. Today, we cannot remain silent. We all have a responsibility speak out against intolerance and injustice and ensure the rights of all.

     - Elizabeth Gelman, Executive Director


Last year, The FHM was in 441 schools, exposing 72,215 children to the concepts of upstander behavior, the rights and responsibilities of living in a democracy, and speaking out against injustice. In addition, The FHM worked with 1,178 teachers this past year, touching the lives of many more students through the education of their teachers and assisting with the implementation of statutorily required instruction about the Holocaust. Multiple portals provide quality education about the history of the Holocaust, other genocides and human rights violations interwoven with lessons for today that encourage integrity, character and respect for diversity including:

§ Docent-led school group tours with Survivor speaker

§ Teaching Trunk outreach program

§ Multiple teacher training opportunities

§ Holocaust and Genocide Resource Center with curriculum and resources available

§ Community outreach programs: Speak Up, Speak Now!©, Anne Frank Humanitarian Award

Budget $71,560
Category Education, General/Other Educational Programs
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served K-12 (5-19 years) Adults At-Risk Populations
Short Term Success

Teaching Trunks are the Museum’s best-known classroom resource: filled with books, posters, videos, a wealth of lesson plans and other content, they offer flexibility for teachers to integrate Holocaust education into Social Studies, English, Visual Art and Theater classrooms.

This past year, an online, state of the art educational guide was created by The FHM Curator of Education & Research based on the research of the Paris-based Yahad-in-Unum team into the mass killings that took place in Eastern Europe during World War II.

Containing maps, archival documents, photographs and first had testimony, the guide is rich in audio-visual content and resources and can be found online at https://www.flholocaustmuseum.org/learn/the-fhm-and-yahad-in-unum/

Completed in English in June of 2015, the guide is in the process of being translated into Spanish.

Long Term Success

The long-term success of The FHM’s programs are tied to its mission and dedication to teaching the members of all races and cultures the inherent worth and dignity of human life in order to prevent future genocides. Education, access to information, and individual awareness are necessary in order to fight intolerance and hatred. According to research (UNESCO, Anti-Defamation League, First International Resources among others), the more educated a person is about other cultures, religions and history, the less likely s/he is to hold prejudicial or intolerant viewpoints. Every day, students are exposed to bullying based on ignorance, bigotry, and racial/religious hatred. Intolerance breeds intolerance. All of the Museum’s student and teacher programs aim to educate students about the terrible consequences of unchecked hatred and bigotry and then have the students extrapolate those lessons into the world they live in today.

Program Success Monitoring

All resources use a combination of evaluation instruments to measure knowledge before and after including surveys and quizzes, as well as anecdotal evidence taken from letters, feedback forms and personal interviews. 

Program Success Examples
2015-16: In 367 schools impacting 77,100 students and 497 teachers
“Your story moved me, emotionally, in a way only a witness of the Nazi horrors could. The Holocaust was not what it is now before you spoke to us… It seemed more like just another event, a dot on a timeline. Now, I see that it is more than that. It was intolerance towards millions of people, mass genocide for no reason other than their religion. It is alarming to think this could happen again. But, it could. There is intolerance all over the world, even here, in the U.S.” – Student
"Corruption of morals can occur slowly. It's important that the value and reason we became police officers never change so we can serve and protect all. Without clear values and commitment to doing what is just you could lose you path and become a person you never intended to be."
-Police officer, LEAS participant 
"The seminar provided a new way to examine and present the Holocaust. This training was phenomenal." - Teacher, Summer Institute
CEO/Executive Director
CEO/Executive Director Ms. Elizabeth Gelman
CEO Term Start Jan 2013
CEO/Executive Director Email egelman@thefhm.org
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Trunks of Hope video - Holocaust Survivors share brief personal stories and speak to the importance of education. They share their personal views of why it is important that we ensure that future generations recognize the inherent worth and dignity of human life in order to prevent future genocides - transforming hate into hope.
Board Chair
Board Chair Ms. Amanda Saft
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Board Term Sept 2011 to June 2018
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