American Association of University Women Venice Branch Inc
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AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.
CEO/Executive Director No Executive Director
Board Chair Marge Ostrom
Board Chair Affiliation Community volunteer
General Info
Organization DBA
University Women
AAUW Venice
Tax Exempt Status Public Supported Charity
Incorporation Year 2012
State Charitable Solicitations Permit Yes Nov 2016
State Registration 0
IRS Letter of Determination
Financial Summary
Projected Revenue $41,930.00
Projected Expenses $41,930.00
Impact Statement
1) Re-entry Scholarships- In 2016, awarded $10,000 in academic re-entry scholarships to 4 women who are pursuing higher education at local colleges as adult learners.   
2) STEM Education for Girls-
Provided financial support for Florida Tech Trek, a week-long STEM residential summer camp designed to create interest, excitement and self-confidence in girls entering 8th grade in Fl schools.  In 2016, 8 Sarasota County girls were among the 60 girls who attended the camp at Palm Beach State College in Boca Raton, FL.  Branch members were involved in providing guidance for all aspects of the Camp planning and operations based on their prior two years experience. The Branch secured a $1,500 immediate impact grant from CFSC.
3) Supported Academic Olympics for Sarasota County High School Teams; providing volunteers for a series of matches throughout Sarasota County.
1) Continue to grow the re-entry scholarship fund for local women returning to an academic setting so they may realize their dream of pursuing higher education including earning a baccalaureate degree.  In 2017, by Board resolution, a scholarship category; Delayed-entry was added to the criteria.  This category will allow women access to educational opportunities that will lead to a license, certificates or professional designation.  Women in our community with limited financial resources will benefit by qualifying for better paying jobs while building their self-esteem.
2) Actively participate in the 2016 Giving Challenge as a source of scholarship funds for re-entry and Tech Trek.
3) Actively engage in the nominating process at County schools for 8th grade girls to apply for the 60 Tech Trek camp openings for 2017 STEM education camp.  Also, pursue additional community-based funding to offset the $1000/camper cost of the STEM camp.
4) Continue to support Academic Olympics at Sarasota County High Schools. 
Needs Statement
Re-Entry Scholarships for Women:   Increase funding by $2,000 to offset expenses of the Home Tour, our principal fund raiser for re-entry scholarships for local women returning to local colleges and universities.  Starting in 2017, women may apply for the new Category of Delayed-entry that is defined as pursuing higher education goals that include licensure and certification.  Since 2007, the Venice Branch has granted $124,000 competitive re-entry scholarships to 61 local women.  In 2016, 4 women shared a total of $10,000 with $8,000 from the Home Tour and $2,000 from individual donors.  In 2016-17 a review of applicant requirements to be considered will be reviewed to attract additional qualified scholarship applicants.
Tech Trek STEM Camp for 8th Grade Girls:   Raise $5,000 to fund 5 Sarasota County girls entering eighth grade to attend Florida Tech Trek, a one-week STEM education opportunity. Girls meet other girls interested in STEM subjects and women role models in STEM subjects in a fun, hands-on camp environment held on a FL college campus. In 2016, 60 FL girls were selected to attend the week-long STEM Camp at Palm Beach State College in Boca Raton at $1,000/Camper.  Families are asked to contribute $50.
Background Statement
Founded in 1881, AAUW National has more than 165,000 members and supporters in more than 1,000 branches across the United States, and share a common mission statement – Advance equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research. AAUW members belong to a community that breaks through educational and economic barriers so that all women have a fair chance.

AAUW Venice Branch was organized in 1975 with 60 charter members and continues to grow.  Today, the Branch is over 275 members strong and the largest AAUW branch in Florida. The Branch supports all national programs, as well as local efforts for women and girls.  In 2015, Venice Branch was recognized as the #1 Branch in the amount of funds contributed to AAUW National.
Girls Education: Since 1982, the Venice Branch, along with the Sarasota Branch, has staffed Academic Olympics in Sarasota County for High School students. Recognizing that girls were under-represented, in 2011 we organized an annual STEM workshop for 5th grade girls. We are currently partnering with the Jacaranda Library on another STEM project for 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls; Girls, Gadgetry and Galvanizing Genius. Our latest project is support of TechTrek, a statewide residential summer camp for girls entering 8th grade devoted to hands-on learning about today's technology. This STEM program is designed to create interest, excitement and self-confidence in girls.

Women's Education: Since 1988, we have provided scholarships for women whose education was interrupted and are returning to college to complete their degrees.  In 2017, by Board resolution, a category of delayed-entry was added to allow women to apply for reason of delayed entry into the realm of higher education.  A Home Tour, our biggest fundraiser and a popular community event has raised thousands of dollars for this cause. Since 2007, $124,000 in scholarships have been awarded to 61 women.
Endowments for Women's Education: In 1996, Branch members raised $33,000 to endow a national career development grant in the name of Frances T. Bourne, one of our members, for which the Jacaranda Library is named. She worked tirelessly to get that library built for south county residents.
In 2013, additional funds provided by deceased members allowed the Branch to initially fund a national endowment for graduate education for women with a goal of raising $250,000 in 15 years to fully fund the Endowment in perpetuity.

AAUW National, our parent organization, is a top rated Charity:
GuideStar Exchange - Silver Participant
Charity Navigator - Four Star Charity
Great NonProfits - Top Rated NonProfit
Areas Served
Areas Served
FL- Sarasota
Areas Served Comments Venice, Nokomis, Osprey, Englewood, Northport
Service Categories
Primary Org Type Education
Secondary Org Type Youth Development
Tertiary Org Type
Statement from the Board Chair/Board President
As President of the Venice Branch of AAUW, I am impressed with the scope of the organization. Venice AAUW is the largest branch of the 37 branches in the state of Florida with over 280 members who are committed to breaking through barriers for women and girls. They wholeheartedly support two key fundraising goals to provide scholarships to women re-entering college and to provide educational opportunities for young girls. As assistant director of the second and third AAUW Tech Trek camps to be held in Florida in 2014 and 2015, I saw the impact of a week devoted to young girls exploring careers in science, technology, engineering or math. "Dream It, Do It" was the mantra and that applies to our Venice Branch as well.
It takes over 100 Home Tour volunteers to raise the funds needed to grant re-entry scholarships to women in our community going back to college to complete their bachelor degree. Over $124,000 in re-entry scholarships have been granted to local women since 2007. The Program's success has a major trickle down effect, bringing untold benefits to the women, their families and the community-at-large. Each spring, we bring our members, homeowners and scholarship recipients together for a celebratory luncheon, a heartwarming event.
Just four years ago the rise of STEM initiatives shifted the focus of our organization to the girls in our community. We embraced the idea that girls would benefit enormously by the emphasis on education in the STEM subjects; science, technology, engineering and mathematics. So many bright ideas and creative projects took flight. First, we gathered 5th grade girls to compete with their peers in a STEM event building confidence and friendships. Then, the scientists and mathematic majors among our members dusted off their microscopes and text books and began planning 20 minute STEM Projects, building exhibit Boards to display Nobel Prize winning Women in the STEM fields and creating partnership with Libraries to spread STEM events for young girls aged 9 – 12 years.
TechTrek has become a major project. In the summer of 2014, Venice Branch sent 9 local eighth grade girls to a week-long residential camp for girls in Florida dedicated to STEM programs. In 2015, 8 Sarasota County girls were among the 44 statewide girls to attend Tech Trek in July and in 2016, 8 Sarasota County girls were among 60 Florida girls to attend in June. Girls receive a full scholarship of approximately $1000 to attend the camp with their families providing a $50 registration fee. To fund the girls, Tech Trek depends on funds provided by Florida Branches, individuals and AAUW's National funding. In addition in both 2015 and 2016, Community Foundation of Sarasota County offered funding as well as other philanthropic and corporate entities. Overall Venice Branch members have been instrumental in making Tech Trek a success by serving in many volunteer capacities from Director, Ass't Director, Fundraising and Public Relations Chairs to volunteers acting as dorm monitors.
All of these new STEM initiatives were started without new funding sources and in order to expand and innovate we need donors who share our passion and dedication to advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research. The AAUW Venice Branch members sincerely appreciate any and all assistance we receive from the community of donors to make Sarasota County a nurturing place for girls to learn and grow.
Marge Ostrom, President
AAUW Venice Branch
Description Educational and inspiring Programs are presented at Branch Meetings held Sept - April. Attendance > 100 members and guests. Topics relate to the Mission Statement.  

Sept 2016- "League of Women Voters' Speaker: Lourdes Ramirez  Oct. 2016 - Report from Tech Trek 2016 Speakers: The 8th grade girl Campers who attended . Nov 2016 - "Title IX" Speaker: Shirlyon McWhorter, Director of Equal Opportunity Programs and Diversity at Florida International University. Jan 2017 - "Quality Years of Life"  Speaker: Dr. Leigh Treco   Feb 2017 - "The Face of Girls 2017" Speaker: Susan Stewert, CEO, Girls Scouts of Gulf Coast Florida.  March 2017 "Public Policy Update"  Speaker: Branch Public Policy Director

Budget $400
Category Education, General/Other Educational Programs
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served Adults Females Adults
Short Term Success Create heightened awareness of the plight of women and girls both in our communities and around the world. The audience hears first hand about specific problems and conditions facing women and girls and are offered real world steps that concerned people can take to remedy these often deplorable situations.
Members are encouraged to become personally involved; 1) with their voice in spreading word of the need, 2) volunteering to provide direct or ancillary services and 3) to provide financial assistance, if possible.

Short term Goals:
- Arrange an on-site visit to the local facility,
- Publish an article in the local Newspaper or Town website about the Month's presentation
- Recruit 2 volunteers to serve the speaker's organization
- Raise $250 for each speaker's nonprofit organization
Long Term Success Social change is a slow process and each step toward a goal of eradicating inequities in education and indignities of the human person starts with awareness. Support of professional organizations who can demonstrate the ability to provide direct services to the downtrodden and under educated population will in the long term help to achieve our mission of equity for women and girls.

Long Term Goals
Monitor the girls educational opportunities using local, regional and national data.
Reschedule speakers in 2-3years for an updated report on conditions
Program Success Monitoring Success can be measured by the level of interest in the topic.
1) By how many members contact the speakers organization to offer assistance either through volunteer hours or
2) inviting the speaker to another Women's Group as a speaker.
3) The amount of funds raised from attendees at the presentation
Program Success Examples Members in the Branch's Book Group have reported reading the book "Half the Sky" in preparation for our speaker on sex trafficking in the area.
The speaker, CEO of  Second Chance, Last Opportunity was a recipient of the Branch's re-entry scholarship in 2006 and 2007. 
She is an example of a women who was given a second chance at completing her education and went on to make a difference in her under-served community of women. 
Description Tech Trek - the Cutting Edge of STEM Education
 At FL Tech Trek 8th grade girls are immersed in a world that empowers and encourages them to think about themselves as future scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and computer specialists. This one-week STEM camp got its start 15 years ago in CA and by 2015, expanded to AL, FL. IA. NJ, NM, OH, OK(2 camps), OR and WA (2 Camps).
Venice Branch members were responsible for many aspects of the camps held at Eckerd College in the summers of 2014 and 2015 including planning, administration and even volunteering as dorm monitors. 
In 2015 and 2016 the Branch, through contributions and grants, raised over $5,000 to help fund the 8 Sarasota County girls who were selected to attend the Camp at the cost of $900-$1,000 per Tech Trek camper.  Families pay only $50 dollars.
Goal: To fund 5 qualified 8th grade girls in Sarasota County accepted for 2017 Camp and to expand the number of 8th girls given local access to STEM training.

Budget $5,000
Category Education, General/Other Extracurricular Math & Science
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served Children Only (5 - 14 years) Females Females
Short Term Success Short Term
- The opportunity for young girls to experience STEM subjects in a relaxed learning environment.
- 8th grade girls meeting other young women equally interested in STEM subjects.
 - Girls having adult women role models accomplished in STEM subjects.
- Exposure to opportunities in STEM careers and learning how make course selections to reach goal of higher education in STEM fields.  
Long Term Success Long Term
- Expand Tech Trek to other campuses in Florida by partnering with other like-minded organizations
- Provide opportunity to provide the STEM camp experience to more girls each year with the goal of 250 girls enrolled in 5 years.
- Track the TechTrek campers STEM experiences through High School and beyond.
- Conduct pre and post camp assessments of factors for success such as confidence, interest in STEM subjects, recognition of STEM careers, pathways to higher education opportunities.   
Program Success Monitoring Success monitored by;
- An increase in the number of Tech Trek Programs launched at other regional campuses in Florida and across the Country. Florida will become a showcase for the nation when a second Tech Trek Camp is initiated in Florida on the east and West coasts.
- An increase in the number of adult volunteers dedicated to the success of Tech Trek
- An increase in the number of Applications submitted by 8th grade girls statewide.
- Camp Alumnae choosing STEM courses in High School and beyond.
Program Success Examples Example of success
The TechTrek Program is expanded bringing the number of State-sponsored Tech Trek Programs to nine in 2015. Florida is a pioneer in this major STEM initiative.
In CA, Camp alumnae are;
- more likely than their peers to take advanced science and math classes and
-attend college at a higher rate than the national average.

CEO/Executive Director
CEO/Executive Director No Executive Director
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Volunteers 240
Management Reports to Board N/A
CEO/Executive Director Formal Evaluation N/A
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Non-Management Formal Evaluation No
We collaborate with other branches of AAUW at the State and National level to support Teck Trek the annual STEM  Camp for 8th grade girls and other programs of importance to benefit women and girls such as scholarships for higher graduate education and legal advocacy at the Congressional level.
Locally, we offer a voice to the Girls Scouts and partnered with theVenice Art Center to enhance the annual Home Tour fundraiser. 
In concert with the Sarasota County School Board, we are actively engaged in providing volunteers to staff the annual High School Academic Olympics.
To recruit girls to apply for Tech Trek STEM Camp, we work closely with local School Boards, principals and  teachers.  From the many application 8 Sarasota County 8th grade girls attended the week-long camp in Florida in June 2016.
Jacaranda Library is a partner in presenting the annual STEM program for girls;  
To succeed in our major fundraiser, the Home Tour, we collaborate with local government officials, community businesses and local artists and media. With the help of local colleges and universities we identify ultimate re-entry scholarship receipients.
External Assessments and Accreditations
Risk Management Provisions
Government Licenses
Organization Licensed by the Government No
Fundraising Plan Yes
Communication Plan Yes
Strategic Plan Yes
Strategic Plan Years 3
Strategic Plan Adopted Feb 2017
Management Succession Plan No
Continuity of Operations Plan No
Nondiscrimination Policy No
Whistle Blower Policy No
Document Destruction Policy No
Directors and Officers Insurance Policy No
Policies and Procedures Yes
Board Chair
Board Chair Marge Ostrom
Company Affiliation Community volunteer
Board Term July 2015 to July 2017
Board Chair Email
Board Members
Board Members
Suzanne Biviano Community volunteer
Carol Cudia Community volunteer
Beatrice Holt Community volunteer
Judy Keeler Community volunteer
Anita Kunkel Community volunteer
Donna McQuain Community volunteer
Marge Ostrom Community volunteer
Kathleen Pickering Community volunteer
Pat Weber Community volunteer
Mimi Welch Community volunteer
Constituency Includes Client Representation No
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Caucasian 10
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Board Term Lengths 2
Board Term Limits 2
Board Orientation No
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 6
Board Meeting Attendance % 57
Board Self-Evaluation No
Written Board Selection Criteria Yes
Board Conflict of Interest Policy Yes
% of Board Making Monetary Contributions 100
% of Board Making In-Kind Contributions 100
Standing Committees
Program / Program Planning
Development / Fund Development / Fund Raising / Grant Writing / Major Gifts
Special Events (Golf Tournament, Walk / Run, Silent Auction, Dinner / Gala)
Communications / Promotion / Publicity / Public Relations
Governance Comments by Organization In 2015-16, we updated our Policies and Procedure document to bring them into agreement with our current Bylaws and it was approved by Board members at our March 2016 Board Meeting.  A new Bylaw covering
charitable contributions was voted for acceptance at the Annual Meeting of Member in April 2016.  The update of the P & P update resulted in a reduction to the number of Board members from 26 to 9 which is in compliance with the Branch Bylaws.  As per the Bylaws, going forward the Board will include elected officers; president, program director, membership director, study/interest director, secretary, director of finance and appointed members; director of development, endowment and restricted funds and public policy. Also, parliamentarian (non-voting). This realignment will result is a more participatory Board and improve attendance rates.
Fiscal Year Projections
Fiscal Year Begins 2016
Fiscal Year Ends 2017
Projected Revenue $41,930.00
Projected Expenses $41,930.00
Organization has Endowment No
Capital Campaign
In a Capital Campaign No
Campaign Purpose
Campaign Goal
Campaign Dates 0 to 0
Amount Raised To Date 0 as of 0
Anticipate Campaign within 5 years? No
Historical Financial Review
Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year201520142013
Program Expense$26,132$41,738$40,763
Administration Expense$3,821$290$358
Fundraising Expense$10,015$6,457$6,836
Payments to Affiliates$0$0$0
Total Revenue/Total Expenses0.930.981.17
Program Expense/Total Expenses65%86%85%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue25%22%19%
Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year201520142013
Total Assets$0$0$0
Current Assets$0$0$0
Long-Term Liabilities$0$0$0
Current Liabilities$0$0$0
Total Net Assets$0$0$0
Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201520142013
Top Funding Source & Dollar AmountFundraising $31,467Fundraising $23,789Fundraising $30,053
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountContributions, gifts, grants $8,573Membership Dues $15,040Membership Dues $19,111
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountMembership Dues $4,184Contributions, gifts, grants $5,117Contributions, gifts, grants $5,395
CEO/Executive Director Compensation
Tax Credits No
Short Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201520142013
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities------
Long Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201520142013
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets------
Financials Comments
Financial Comments by Foundation Financial information was taken from unaudited compilations.
Nonprofit American Association of University Women Venice Branch Inc
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