Venice Heritage, Inc.
101 West Venice Avenue, Suite 26
Venice FL 34285
Venice Heritage is dedicated to preserving and promoting the Venice area's rich cultural heritage, including the surrounding communities of Osprey, Laurel and Nokomis. As an advocate for historic preservation, VHI educates the public about the area's history and provides financial and logistical support to the city owned Venice Museum & Archives.
CEO/Executive Director No Executive Director
Board Chair Jean Trammell
Board Chair Affiliation The Venice Company
General Info
Organization DBA
Venice Heritage Inc
Former Names
Triangle Inn Association
Friends of the Lord Higel House
Tax Exempt Status Public Supported Charity
Incorporation Year 2012
Awarded competitive grant from Community Foundation in the last 5 years? No
State Charitable Solicitations Permit Yes June 2018
State Registration Yes 0
Financial Summary
Note: Revenue includes the value of in-kind contributions/donations
IRS Letter of Determination
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Impact Statement
Fundraising for the exterior restoration of the Lord-Higel House has been completed. Fundraising for the interior restoration of the house,  installation of a public bathroom and ADA ramp, as well as historic exhibits has begun. Program and exhibit funds for the Venice Museum & Archives have been maintained. 
VHI has published books on Venice area history that have included "John Nolen Plan of Venice, Florida;" history of the Venice Fire Department; pre-1920 newspaper columns of Nemo, a.k.a. George Higel, titled "Venice News;" Venice photo book titled "City on the Gulf;" and soon to be published a diary of an auto trip from Ohio to Florid.  
A new website has been established.
VHI does community outreach by manning booths at community events with volunteers. A new brochure and membership fee structure has been put in place. A  joint project with Venice MainStreet to identify the John Nolen Plan Historic District with street post sign toppers has been completed. VHI has sponsored a rocking chair fundraiser, as well as a "Twenty for Ten" campaign to complete the  interior restoration of the Lord Higel House. Two annual fundraising events are held. One is the Heritage Dinner where we meet to celebrate and give a public report on our activities and progress. The second one is a Holiday Tea in a private home to enjoy holiday decorations with good company with information about current projects.  
VHI latest project is to assist the City of Venice in renovating a commerical building to house the City Archives and Area Historical Collection on the Venice Cultural Campus.
Needs Statement
Completion of the Lord-Higel House Project: $200,000.00
Hire Executive or Development Director:  $45,000.00
Funding for annual audit: $6,000.00
Fund an endowment for organizational and capital needs, as well as future VHI projects: $1M 
Background Statement
In 2012, the Friends of the Lord-Higel House and the Triangle Inn Association unified their members and boards into one organization, now known as Venice Heritage, Inc.(VHI).  Venice Heritage was formed to provide a more unified outreach to the community for historic preservation projects.
   The Lord-Higel House, an 1896 Early Settlers Home, was rescued by the City of Venice Historic Preservation Board led by Board Chair Janis Fawn. The building was saved from demolition and moved to a city-owned lot in 2005. Fundraising and restoration work started at that time.
    In 1995, the historic Triangle Inn building was moved to its present location on city property and restored under the leadership of Dorothy Korwek. The Triangle Inn Association (TIA) was founded to preserve and maintain this historic structure. TIA recruited and trained volunteers for the museum, and has written and published book on the history of Venice. Funding was raised to enhance the building and historical exhibits.
    Friends of the Lord Higel House was formed as a community grass roots effort to raise money and rally volunteers to the restoration project.
     It was a natural progression to combine the two organizations to champion for historic preservation in Venice.
Areas Served
Areas Served
FL- Sarasota
Areas Served Comments
Our geographic area is defined as the greater Venice area. This includes the City of Venice, Nokomis, Laurel, Osprey, Englewood, South Venice, and the surrounding unincorporated County of Sarasota.
Service Categories
Primary Org Type Arts,Culture & Humanities
Secondary Org Type Education
Tertiary Org Type Public & Societal Benefit
Statement from the Board Chair/Board President

The mission of Venice Heritage is to protect, preserve, and promote the history of this Southwest Florida community. In order to ensure a successful future for our community and our quality of life, the volunteers of Venice Heritage (VHI) are committed to continually sharing with residents and guests the area’s unique past.

The City of Venice was designed by renowned city planner John Nolen in 1926 and serves today as one of America’s best examples of urban design. The subdivisions platted in the late 1920s according to Nolen’s plan comprise the John Nolen Plan Historic District that is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. More than a hundred buildings in the city date to this period. It is one of very few communities that still have the Nolen imprint.

As a 501 (c) (3) organization, VHI provides financial support for the city owned Venice Museum & Archives (VMA), located in the Triangle Inn. The Triangle Inn is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1927 as an inn, the building was saved from demolition in 1991 and is a beautiful example of Venice’s 1920s Mediterranean Revival architecture.

The museum, which is located in the historic Triangle Inn, contains a collection of more than 50,000 photos, objects, published materials, and archives. With three professional staff and dozens of volunteers, the VMA offers changing and permanent exhibits, tours of the historic Triangle Inn building, public access to the collection database, and assists the public with information requests.

However, the Triangle Inn is in need of renovation in order to protect the valuable collections that it houses. Repairs to the Triangle Inn will be “band-aids” however. What is needed, and proposed, is the construction of a new History Center that will provide a state of the art archival preservation environment along with a compelling interactive display for Venice residents and visitors.

VHI also is in the process of restoring the second oldest house in Sarasota County. Constructed in 1896, the Lord-Higel House was built by entrepreneur Joseph Lord and was the residence of grove manager/newsman George Higel. VHI volunteers and preservationists have done the restoration and, by the end of 2015, had raised more than $300K to cover the cost of labor and materials. Now that the exterior has been restored, work is progressing on completing the interior and some exterior facilities. Once completed, the house will reflect life among Venice’s early settlers while welcoming visitors to the Venice area.

The organization also serves as a “watchdog” for proposals for demolition of existing residential and commercial structures, or development plans within the Nolen Plan Historic District that do not comply with the Plan. And VHI continues to promote and educate about the unique local history of the City of Venice and its Southwest Florida area through the use of social media.


VHI's focus on  history education covers Laurel, Nokomis, Osprey, Englewood and Venice. Both Triangle Inn and the Lord-Higel House museums will be providing educational programs to share the important history of the area. Our education efforts are done via tours and publications. The Venice Museum & Archives does hold training workshops for its volunteers in archival methods, local history and doing oral histories. VHI has provided the text for the downtown electronic tour as part of our partnership with Venice MainStreet. Available via smart phones or computer, visitors can access historic information on downtown buildings. This includes historic photos showing then as compared to now. VHI has provided historic text for many of the plaques in the area. Short historic tidbits are published via the VHI Facebook page and republished on our website. VHI regularly publishes books about Venice history. At community events historic displays are manned by volunteers who will answer questions.
Budget $2,000
Category Arts, Culture & Humanities, General/Other History & Historical Programs
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served K-12 (5-19 years) Adults Adolescents Only (13-19 years)
Short Term Success
More informed citizens who can excite others about Venice history in Florida and who are potential donors. School children who have a greater understanding of Florida and how pioneers lived.
Long Term Success
Citizens who are more engaged in Florida history and more active in its preservation.
Program Success Monitoring
We may offer a form for visitors to complete asking them what they learned, what was important and suggestions for improvement.
Program Success Examples
We will no doubt have many examples of success after we launch the program.
Description VHI partnered with Venice MainStreet to produce an electronic version of the Downtown Walking Tour. This tour includes all of the historic 1920s structures in the downtown area. VHI provided the historic narratives on the buildings. VHI located and supplied the oldest black and white photographs of the buildings. VMS supplied the current photographs of the buildings and secured permission from property owners to attach the electronic tag to the building. Additional structures are still being added.
Budget $200
Category Arts, Culture & Humanities, General/Other Historic Preservation & Conservation
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served US& International General/Unspecified People/Families of People with Cancer
Short Term Success Participants will learn about the historic and cultural aspects of the City of Venice.
Long Term Success The electronic access will make it easier for the younger generations to receive historic information on demand. Venice has many visitors, winter residents and full time residents who are not knowledgible about their local history. This provides a rapid response as their interest is caught on site. 
Program Success Monitoring Venice MainStreet website has a counter that shows the number of visits  to the historic tour.
Program Success Examples The tour has received favorable comments on our Facebook page and through the Venice MainStreet Downtown Ambassadors program.
Description VHI annually publishes a book about Venice area history to educate the public about our unique history.
Budget $500
Category Arts, Culture & Humanities, General/Other History & Historical Programs
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served General/Unspecified
Short Term Success Because VHI publications typically sell out a couple of years, sometimes requiring a second printing, it is evident that there is interest on the part of area residents and seasonal visitors to learn more about the Venice area.
Long Term Success
Education of area residents and visitors about Venice area history is the long term goal of VHI's publication program.
Program Success Monitoring Since VHI's publications sell out in a short period of time, it is evident that there is a need for these publications.
Program Success Examples
Six booklets titled "Venice Old Timers Stories: Remembering People, Places, and Events" each sold out within one year of publication.
"History of the Venice Fire Department" required a second printing. Within a year all books were sold. 
CEO/Executive Director
CEO/Executive Director No Executive Director
CEO Term Start 0
CEO/Executive Director Email
Former CEOs/Executive Directors
Senior Staff
Staff & Volunteer Statistics
Full Time Staff 0
Part Time Staff 0
Staff Retention Rate % N/A
Professional Development No
Contractors 0
Volunteers 20
Management Reports to Board N/A
CEO/Executive Director Formal Evaluation N/A
Senior Management Formal Evaluation N/A
Non-Management Formal Evaluation No
VHI works with the Venice Area Historical Society, Venice MainStreet, and Venice Museum & Archives on local community historic projects.  Most members of  Venice Heritage, Inc. are members of the other organizations. VHI frequently works with these organizations to achieve common goals of historic education and preservation.
Venice Area Chamber of Commerce2012
Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County
External Assessments and Accreditations
Risk Management Provisions
Risk Management Provisions
Directors and Officers Policy
Commercial General Liability
Special Event Liability
Accident and Injury Coverage
Government Licenses
Organization Licensed by the Government No
Fundraising Plan No
Communication Plan No
Strategic Plan Yes
Strategic Plan Years 5
Strategic Plan Adopted Jan 2014
Management Succession Plan No
Continuity of Operations Plan No
Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
Whistle Blower Policy Yes
Document Destruction Policy Yes
Directors and Officers Insurance Policy No
Policies and Procedures Yes
Management Comments by Organization VHI is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers and led by a Board of Directors.
Board Chair
Board Chair Jean Trammell
Company Affiliation The Venice Company
Board Term Mar 2017 to Feb 2018
Board Chair Email
Board Members
Board Members
Jon Barrick Jon Barrick Architect
Jim Bennett Retired attorney
Linda Bradway Premier Sotheby's International Reality
Gail Conway Retired educator
Mrs Susan Hanks, CPA Peacock, Robinson & Hanks
Mrs Dorothy Korwek Retired Director - Venice Historic Resources
Mrs. Jean Trammell The Venice Company
Mrs Sue Vedder Suncoast Media Group
John Veneziano City of Venice,
Jon Watson City of venice, curator/archivist
Tommye Whittaker none
Constituency Includes Client Representation No
Board Ethnicity
African American/Black 0
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 10
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 1
Other 0 0
Board Gender
Male 4
Female 7
Unspecified 0
Board Term Lengths 3
Board Term Limits 2
Board Orientation Yes
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 11
Board Meeting Attendance % 76
Board Self-Evaluation Yes
Written Board Selection Criteria Yes
Board Conflict of Interest Policy Yes
% of Board Making Monetary Contributions 100
% of Board Making In-Kind Contributions 100
Standing Committees
Board Governance
Communications / Promotion / Publicity / Public Relations
Development / Fund Development / Fund Raising / Grant Writing / Major Gifts
Governance Comments by Organization
VHI has a historian and the Director of Historical Resources of the City of Venice serving on our board. Recruiting full-time residents with appropriate skill sets and interests is one of our greatest challenges. The Governance Committee is establishing written criteria for Board membership. 
Current Year Projections
Tax Year Start Month Jan
Tax Year Start Day 01
Tax Year Begins 2018
Tax Year End Month Dec
Tax Year End Day 31
Tax Year Ends 2018
Projected Revenue $142,366.00
Projected Expenses $142,366.00
Total Projected Revenue includes "in-kind" contributions/ donations No
Organization has Endowment Yes
Endowment Value $28,000.00
Endowment Spending Policy Percentage
Endowment Spending Policy % 4
Capital Campaign
Currently In a Capital Campaign Yes
Anticipate Campaign within 5 years? No
Campaign Purpose To restore the oldest existing house in Venice, Florida and establishing a Early Settler History Museum
Campaign Goal $200,000.00
Campaign Dates Feb 2009 to Dec 2017
Amount Raised To Date 100000 as of Apr 2017
IRS Form 990s
Audit/Financial Documents
Financial Review
Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year201620152014
Program Expense$57,684$138,251$198,389
Administration Expense$15,676$54,143$3,391
Fundraising Expense$0$0$0
Payments to Affiliates$0$0$0
Total Revenue/Total Expenses1.880.461.41
Program Expense/Total Expenses79%72%98%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue0%0%0%
Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year201620152014
Total Assets$163,008$99,669$200,553
Current Assets$163,008$99,669$200,553
Long-Term Liabilities$0$0$0
Current Liabilities$2,700$3,763$1,502
Total Net Assets$160,308$95,906$199,051
Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201620152014
Top Funding Source & Dollar AmountContributions, gifts, grants $116,683Contributions, gifts, grants $65,321Contributions, gifts, grants $277,126
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountFundraising $13,836Fundraising $14,560Net Income from Sale of Inventory $3,720
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountMembership Dues $5,195Membership Dues $5,895Fundraising $3,639
CEO/Executive Director Compensation
Tax Credits No
Short Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201620152014
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities60.3726.49133.52
Long Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201620152014
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets0%0%0%
Financials Comments
Financial Comments by Organization Venice Heritage is is faced with the challenge of raising money for local historic preservation projects in a fluctuating community of seasonal residents and visitors. The influx of new retirees with money can be an important source of financial support, if properly engaged. Current projects include the restoration of the Lord-Higel house, the maintenance of the Historic Triangle Inn, publishing books on Venice history, educational plaques, and historic tours.
Financial Comments by Foundation
Financial information has been taken from IRS Form 990-EZ/990. Individual contributions include foundation and corporate support. 
Nonprofit Venice Heritage, Inc.
Address 101 West Venice Avenue, Suite 26
Venice, FL 34284
Phone 941 237-0478