Learn To Fish Inc
1312 51st Avenue East
Bradenton FL 34203
To breathe life and hope into Women and Children who have been marginalized, demoralized and traumatized as we equip them for a future filled with Love and prosperity.
CEO/Executive Director Mrs. Sabrina Crain-Sweeney
Board Chair Ms. An-Marye Hayward
Board Chair Affiliation RN, Psych
General Info
Supported Organization Learn to Fish Recovery Center for Women
Tax Exempt Status Public Supported Charity
Incorporation Year 2009
Awarded competitive grant from Community Foundation in the last 5 years? Yes
State Charitable Solicitations Permit Yes Mar 2018
State Registration Yes 0
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Note: Revenue includes the value of in-kind contributions/donations
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Impact Statement
If we have done our job properly, by the time our clients leave our center, they are, at the very least, eligible.
Eligible for the unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When they come to us, they are not.
Those we serve happen to be the percentage of our population who have survived horrific abuse. Things most of us go through life thinking only happen on TV or in the movies. Pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization. Its not easy to work through the pain of the past. However, a little Love goes such a long way! Given the opportunity for quality treatment; a proper assessment and diagnosis with a medical professional, appropriate counseling for trauma and abuse, proper medication when necessary, a loving staff, as well as the Sisterhood that develops between Women who are fighting together to heal, Magic starts to happen! We're thrilled to report that our success stories include assisting clients to open their own businesses, become licensed professionals, obtain GED's, College degrees and more. Lives are changing for the better! As mom makes major life changes it has a direct and immediate impact on her Children! This is the only way to truly break the cycle. We will soon have 12 episodes about our center produced and aired by METV. This is partially due to the recent controversy over sex trafficking in the Sarasota/Manatee area as well as the 900% increase in deaths associated with Heroin overdose in our area. A few of the restorative services LTF provides for victims of abuse and sex trafficking is treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism. Addiction and Alcoholism are symptoms of those who have suffered abuse. Our addictions services specializes in treatment for opiate addiction. Due to the Heroin epidemic and our ability to help provide a solution, House of Representative, Office of Vern Buchanan, came to tour our center. Public Awareness remains to be very important to us as well as out court advocacy program and the Women's Program we bring to Females inside both Manatee and Sarasota County Jails. We passionately believe that there is no better investment than the Women and Children right here in our own back yards!   
Needs Statement
1. To properly serve the number of Women we continue to house we need to add additional case managers  Two full time Case Managers would cost $45,000 per year.
2. We need two part time tech's to drive clients to appointments, Cover overnight shifts, take clients to outside meetings, etc. Two part time techs would cost $28.000 per year.
3. Volunteers willing to drive clients to appointments, outside groups, answer phones, office work, etc.  
4. We have a free standing building located on the same property as our thrift store. We would like to refurbish the building for transitional housing. Mothers who have completed the program, attending College, or  trade school to become a licensed professional.  
5. Sufficient funds to add 1,500 Sq Ft to our center. We desperately need more space in order to be able to help more Women. We also need additional office space for counselors and case managers. The addition would cost approximately $55,000.
Background Statement
     Learn to Fish began in 2007 as a class taught to participants in the Voluntary Interim Placement - Expanded Recovery (VIPER) addiction-treatment program hosted by the Salvation Army in downtown Sarasota, FL. The class focus was to help troubled men and women discover their individual gifts and talents, then brainstorm ways to make a living using those gifts. Teacher-entrepreneur Sabrina Crain-Sweeney drew from her own experience: starting on a couch with nothing but a telephone and a phone book in 1991, she had built a multi-million dollar service business to support herself.
     The class was well received and effective. When Crain-Sweeney moved to Manatee County, she became aware the lack of resources to targeting disadvantaged women whose own lives, and their children's, were in ruin under the throes of drug addiction and alcoholism. Inspired to offer concrete help, Crain-Sweeney founded Learn to Fish Recovery Center from a temporary home. The mission was to provide a structured starting point for recovery with quality treatment services and life-skills training. Today, LTF Inc. operates from a permanent residence in Bradenton, FL, with 18 beds and a safe, supportive environment for troubled women and their children.
     The LTF program is geared to identifying and treating the root causes and conditions responsible for the emotional and behavioral illness manifested by addiction. Our clients attend more than 40 hours per week of group and individual therapy. A special emphasis is placed on helping each woman define and develop her personal and professional, individual gifts and talents. Each woman who successfully completes our program leaves with clearly defined goals and a reasonable method of obtaining them. 
Areas Served
Areas Served
FL- Manatee
FL- Sarasota
FL- Charlotte
FL- DeSoto
FL- Hardee
FL- Hillsborough
FL- Hillsborough
Areas Served Comments The Learn to Fish Recovery Center for Women primarily serves residents of Sarasota and Manatee County. However, we will assist any woman from anywhere as long as we have an available bed! 
Service Categories
Primary Org Type Mental Health & Crisis Intervention
Secondary Org Type Human Services
Tertiary Org Type Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy
Statement from the Board Chair/Board President
Most people will see a problem and say to themselves, "They should do
something about that." Sabrina is "they". Locking up drug addicted prostitutes over and over for the same offences does not lessen the chance that they won't return to jail, it guarantees that they will end up committing worse crimes.

Sabrina understands that if you can offer another path, an option that they
never knew existed, then there is a chance that they might get on the right path and be productive members of society.We have also had the chance to make sure some women don't ever get on the wrong path.  Rani, a crack addicted prostitute, came to us 3 years ago. She was not ready to get clean, (we didn't know that at the time) but she needed a rest. She was pregnant. No matter how far down the scale she had gone, she still loved her unborn baby. We took her into our house and told her she could stay for a while.

On Feb 16, 2010,  Maya was born. Mother and child soon came home from the hospital.  Maya was very fussy & collicky, but Rani took care of that child !In a few months, lacking any coping skills, Rani took off and left the child in our house.  Rani is still in and out of jail but Maya is part of our family.Sabrina and I have started a college fund for her, she goes to preschool, has two older protective brothers and an older sister that adores her. She was a princess for Halloween. She loves puppies and Mickey Mouse and thinks she is the boss. She won't go to sleep unless she is cuddling with Sabrina.On vacation this summer, we were walking around the City of New Orleans. Maya was in her carriage and became upset.  She looked up at me, holding he hands out, wiggling her fingers and whaled "Daddddeeee, Dadddeee."  I melted! I picked her up, carried her around on my hip in 100 degree heat, thanking God for all Learn to Fish has given us.

Obviously we cant bring everyone home. That's where Learn To Fish, Sabrina's dream, come's in. The Women who come to LTF were never properly loved, to put it mildly!  Sabrina and the LTF volunteers work diligently to "properly love" each and every one. They may not live with us in our home, but certainly live in our home away from home! The LTF volunteers, including Sabrina, put countless hours in at the center. Not one of them receive a pay check. The Women at the center are loved, nurtured, made to feel that they are worthy, taught how to obtain success and shown how to properly love their own children to break the cycle of abuse past from one generation to the next.

Our biggest challenge continues to be regular monthly support. If we had enough coming in monthly to cover fixed expenses we would be able to focus more on improving the lives of those we serve. 
Statement from the CEO/Executive Director
Their are several programs between Sarasota and Manatee Counties who provide food and shelter for abused and disadvantaged Women and Children. Unfortunately, if a drastic change doesn't occur in the psyche of these Women, they're going to be repeat customers. The curriculum used at the LTF Recovery Center get's to core causes and conditions responsible for our clients inability to live a healthy, productive lifestyle. We offer emotional support and assist each client to obtain her own unique version of "Happily Ever After." Additionally, we are the only recovery center in the State who allow Mothers to reside on campus with their Children while participating in an intensive treatment program. Our partnerships in the community allow us the ability to provide proper Childcare for mothers while they attend groups and therapy appointments. The two most commonly given reasons by Women for not getting treatment is that they don't have anyone to watch their Children and/or they don't have the money. We're really proud to say we've eliminated both of those challenges!
Our center is a Faith Based Residential Treatment Center.We are the only center in the state who allow Mothers to reside on campus with Children.The Women we serve have survived pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization.Things most of us assume only happen in the movies or on TV. Most of our clients were victims of rape and incest  between the ages of 3 and 5. This abuse makes them much more vulnerable than the average person.They have developed emotional and behavioral disorders which have rendered them ineligible for a happy, productive life. We provide state of the art treatment to the Women we serve. Our curriculum consists of over 40 hours a week of group therapy and one on one counseling with masters level therapists. Classes address Addiction, Abuse, Incest, Anger Management, Finances, Loss and Grief, Integrity, Parenting and more! We encourage each client to focus on individual gifts and talents to ignite a sense of self and self worth. We offer an opportunity to heal. 
Budget $198,000
Category Mental Health, Substance Abuse Programs, General/other Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served Females Homeless Offenders/Ex-Offenders
Short Term Success
Over the past 18 months 178 non violent, repeat, female offenders have participated in the Learn to Fish program. Out of this 178, 124 have not returned to jail. Over 100 families have been reunified and hundreds of ex prostitutes and drug addicts are now gainfully employed as licensed professionals, enrolled in an institution of higher learning or starting and running their own business. 100% of the Women who successfully complete our program leave in better shape than they were in when they came to us!
Long Term Success
The ripple effect that takes place as addicted, abused and homeless Women continue to complete our program is staggering. 86% of those we serve have children. Statistically, 75% of children whose mothers  are addicted, abused, homeless and/or incarcerated will follow in their footsteps. As mom changes her belief system and behavior it can't help but to trickle down to her children. The benefit's include healthier, more productive, tax paying members of our community, a decrease in the number of at risk children in our community, less crime and less dependence on social services. Quite literally, millions of tax payer dollars will be saved that are now spent on costs associated with prosecution, incarceration and inmate medical services.
Program Success Monitoring
In addition to surveys, interviews, counselors notes and behavioral temperament test scores success is measured by the number of graduates who keep in touch with volunteers at the center. Graduates are invited to come back to the center to participate in our peer mentoring program. Graduates often volunteer for the center as court advocates for incarcerated Women to receive treatment in lieu of jail time as well as going into the jail to speak to Women about changing their lives. Other program graduates keep in touch through social networking such as Face Book, our website, etc.
Program Success Examples
Over the past 18 months 178 non violent, repeat, female offenders have participated in the Learn to Fish program. Out of this 178, 124 have not returned to jail. Over 100 families have been reunified and hundreds of ex prostitutes and drug addicts are now gainfully employed as licensed professionals, enrolled in an institution of higher learning or starting and running their own business. 100% of the Women who successfully complete our program leave in better shape than they were in when they came to us! The following statements are from LTF graduates or current participants:
Program Comments by Organization We are blessed to have the opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of Women and Children right here in our on backyards. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of Women/Mothers who need help to recover from addiction issues as well as  the pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization they have experienced through their lifetime. There is a never ending steady stream of Women and Children who come through our door's. Our opportunities to assist those we serve are addressed one client at a time, depending on her individual needs. Most of our clients are not in a position to pay. We are constantly challenged with raising enough finances to keep our doors open. They say necessity is the mother of invention. We are constantly looking for new innovative way's to raise fund's. The girls actually learn quite a lot from it. The Women in our program are very involved and often become employees. They gain self- esteem and a sense of self that could never be taught. It must be earned.
CEO/Executive Director
CEO/Executive Director Mrs. Sabrina Crain-Sweeney
CEO Term Start June 2007
CEO/Executive Director Email sabrinacrain@aol.com
CEO/Director has a vast amount of business experience. Sabrina Crain-Sweeney started a service business in 1991. She literally began with nothing more than a phone and phone book. Today, Sabrina's Gulf Coast Window Cleaning is the largest privately owned residential window cleaning service in the United States. We have multiple locations in multiple cities. She created every aspect of this business from scratch. Everything from policy and procedures to marketing and finance.She truly believes that her 24 years of business experience was a refining process preparing her for her true calling; LTF, CEO! Sabrina saw a desperate need for services where disadvantaged Women and Children are concerned. LTF started from a very sincere desire to give back to the community where her business began.
Former CEOs/Executive Directors
Senior Staff
Ms. Aqua Marie Bergeron Program Director
Staff & Volunteer Statistics
Full Time Staff 2
Part Time Staff 2
Staff Retention Rate % 100
Professional Development Yes
Contractors 0
Volunteers 20
Management Reports to Board No
CEO/Executive Director Formal Evaluation No
Senior Management Formal Evaluation No
Non-Management Formal Evaluation No
We are quite fortunate to have collaborations with many local organizations;Family Integrity Training, MCRHS, Goodwill, HOPE Family Services, Manatee Children's Services and Manatee County Sheriffs Dept., Bayside Community Church and Samaritan Counseling Services to name a few. Our ability to coordinate and utilize existing resources is one example of how we maintain a very low overhead. Family Integrity Training provides the curriculum we utilize for most of the groups that take place at our center. Our collaboration with Manatee County Rural Health Services provides health care for our clients at no charge. Goodwill provides classes on how to interview for a job, resume writing and very effectively assists with job placement. All of the Women in our program are screened by HOPE family services and attend Domestic Violence groups when and where it is necessary. Manatee Children's Services provides parenting classes. Manatee County Sheriff's office has worked with us for over 8 years now providing us the opportunity to provide groups and classes inside the Females Pod's at Port Manatee County Jail. Samaritan Counseling services provides Masters level therapists for one on one counseling. Pastor Irving Moody from Bayside Community Church provides Faith Based classes for our clients that address integrity, self esteem, healthy boundaries and more. 
External Assessments and Accreditations
Awards & Recognition
Unsung Hero AwardNAACP2011
Community Lay LeaderRepublican Party of Manatee County2012
Women of ExcellenceWard Temple2016
Risk Management Provisions
Government Licenses
Organization Licensed by the Government No
Fundraising Plan Yes
Communication Plan No
Strategic Plan No
Strategic Plan Years
Strategic Plan Adopted 0
Management Succession Plan No
Continuity of Operations Plan No
Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
Whistle Blower Policy No
Document Destruction Policy No
Directors and Officers Insurance Policy
Policies and Procedures Yes
Management Comments by Organization
The ability to provide proper management for our center is a continuing challenge. In fact, if I had to choose an area that would reflect our greatest weakness it would be proper management. We do a fantastic job making a lot happen with very little. However, truth be told, we desperately need to increase our staff. Due to the fact that most of the services we provide to our clients are facilitated by volunteers or our collaborations within the community, payroll is our largest expense. Again, we truly are the epitome of a "grass roots" organization. We don't receive regular funding from the County or State. We are entirely responsible for initiating new ideas to provide ourselves with revenue. Opportunities include applying for various grants, donations from several local Churches and various luncheons where we raffle off items donated by local merchants. We also get a lot of furniture and household items donated. What was initially going to be our thrift store has evolved into more of a pre-owned furniture and antique shop. We are blessed to have a small following of private donors who support us sporadically throughout the year. 
Multi-Media Comments by Organization Manatee Educational TV is doing a monthly series on Learn to Fish as we strive to educate and inform the public on how we serve women in need in our community and thus, help better our community overall.
Other Documents
Other Document 2
Manatee County Rural Health
Board Chair
Board Chair Ms. An-Marye Hayward
Company Affiliation RN, Psych
Board Term Dec 2016 to Jan 2019
Board Chair Email An-Marye70@gmail.com
Board Members
Board Members
Ms. Bridgett Ratner Nurse, ARNP
Miss. Erica A. DiAngelo Attorney
Ms. An-Marye Hayward RN, Psych.
Mrs. Ronnalyn Ashton Hepburn Community Volunteer
Pastor Gene Maddox Senior Pastor Manatee Methodist Church, Oneco Methodist Church
Mr. Douglass Mcdunnough Marketing Executive, CEO
Mrs. Misty Servia Kings Engineering, City Planner
Mr. John Wilson community volunteer
Constituency Includes Client Representation No
Board Ethnicity
African American/Black 0
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 8
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
Other 0 0
Board Gender
Male 3
Female 5
Unspecified 0
Board Term Lengths 3
Board Term Limits 2
Board Orientation No
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 4
Board Meeting Attendance % 90
Board Self-Evaluation No
Written Board Selection Criteria No
Board Conflict of Interest Policy No
% of Board Making Monetary Contributions 4
% of Board Making In-Kind Contributions 5
Governance Comments by Organization Having enough volunteers who have experience with the population we serve is always a challenge. We have been very blessed to had the ability to partner with other organizations who have experience and a heart for those we serve. We are not exactly everyone's "favorite subject." What we have to take a very close look at day after day isn't pretty. On the contrary, it's very ugly. However, the ability to get to be a part of someone changing their lives and the lives of their children for the better is an amazing experience. It brings a joy that would never be experienced any other way. The work we do is very important. It will have an impact for generations to come. We get to witness miracles every day.
Current Year Projections
Tax Year Start Month Jan
Tax Year Start Day 01
Tax Year Begins 2017
Tax Year End Month Dec
Tax Year End Day 31
Tax Year Ends 2017
Projected Revenue $198,000.00
Projected Expenses $202,000.00
Organization has Endowment Yes
Endowment Value $235,000.00
Endowment Spending Policy Income Only
Endowment Spending Policy % 0
Capital Campaign
Currently In a Capital Campaign Yes
Anticipate Campaign within 5 years? Yes
Campaign Purpose We are currently campaigning to raise funds necessary to cover the cost of putting an addition to our center. We've grown tremendously since moving in three rears ago. We desperately need additional office space for case workers and therapists.
Campaign Goal $78,000.00
Campaign Dates Mar 2016 to Mar 2017
Amount Raised To Date 6800 as of July 2016
Audit/Financial Documents
Financial Review
Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year201620152014
Program Expense$196,003$193,576$190,650
Administration Expense$16,137$0$17,245
Fundraising Expense$0$4,879$0
Payments to Affiliates$0$0$0
Total Revenue/Total Expenses1.001.050.92
Program Expense/Total Expenses92%98%92%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue0%3%0%
Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year201620152014
Total Assets$151,717$151,265$140,485
Current Assets$31,824$23,355$6,292
Long-Term Liabilities$0$0$0
Current Liabilities$932$372$0
Total Net Assets$150,785$150,893$140,485
Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201620152014
Top Funding Source & Dollar AmountContributions, gifts, grants $160,899Government Grants - Unspecified $178,861Contributions, gifts, grants $109,402
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountProgram Service Revenue $40,758Thrift Store & Other $20,873Program Service Revenue $82,865
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountGovernment Grants - Unspecified $10,375Housing and Shelter $9,1290 $0
CEO/Executive Director Compensation N/A
Tax Credits No
Short Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201620152014
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities34.1562.78--
Long Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201620152014
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets0%0%0%
Financials Comments
Financial Comments by Organization
Due to the fact that we truly are the epitome of a "grass roots" organization and don't receive state or county funding, we are constantly faced with the financial challenge of covering the cost of our basic operations. Due to our very unique business plan we're able to provide high quality services for literally a fraction of what other organizations similar to ours spend. Nonetheless, no matter how great we are at being good stewards, there are fixed costs that cannot be avoided. Payroll is our largest expense, followed by insurance, automobile maintenance, utilities, personal hygiene items for our clients and office supplies. 
Opportunities we have for the challenges we're faced with include the Giving Challenge,  
Financial Comments by Foundation
Organization filed an extension for 2015 990. 
Learn to Fish filed a Form 990-N in 2010 which does not provide financial information.  Financial information for all other years has been taken from the organization's Federal 990 or 990-EZ.  Individual contributions include foundation and corporate support.
Nonprofit Learn To Fish Inc
Address 1312 51st Avenue East
Bradenton, FL 34208
Phone 941 755-3900