Palmetto Charter School Inc
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PALMETTO FL 34221-6151
The mission of  Palmetto Charter School is to create a superior learning environment founded upon the shared values of hard work, honor, self-discipline, and community and parental involvement, with the purpose of preparing students for academic and social success, in high school and beyond. 
CEO/Executive Director Brian Duane Bustle Jr.
Board Chair Mr. Bill Eurice
Board Chair Affiliation EEE Properties
General Info
Tax Exempt Status Public Supported Charity
Incorporation Year 2010
State Charitable Solicitations Permit Exempt 0
State Registration Yes Feb 2018
Financial Summary
Note: Revenue includes the value of in-kind contributions/donations
IRS Letter of Determination
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Impact Statement
  1. "A" school for the past four grading periods
  2. Designation by the Florida Dept. of Education as a High Performing Charter School
  3. Charter Extension to 2025
  4. Purchase of facilities and adjacent land
  5. Sportsmanship Award for past 3 years from the Gulf Coast League for our Athletic program
  1. Make improvements on the recently purchased land to create usable athletic fields
  2. Build a covered basketball/volleyball court
  3. Increase teacher pay an additional 5%
Needs Statement
  1. Completion of the engineering plan (currently under SWFWMD review) for the adjacent 5 acres that allows for proper drainage and storage of ground water and vehicle access. Estimated cost: $30,000.
  2. Completion of the necessary site work.  Estimated cost: $175,000
  3. Construction of concrete pad and metal roof with necessary conduits with the long-term goal of having a closed building with a gym, cafeteria and additional classrooms.  Estimated costs: $1,500,000
  4. Increase teacher pay: $45,000
Background Statement

In the summer of 2009, a charter application was submitted to the Manatee County School District for a proposed K-8 school with a focus on character instruction and high academic standards. The charter application was unanimously approved by the Manatee County School Board, and Palmetto Charter School opened for students in August of 2010.  Getting started that first year brought many challenges, not the least of which was establishing the desired school culture. The school's grade year one was a "C" and reflected the many challenges of getting started.  By year two, PCS began to put all the pieces together and has been an "A" school every year since. Palmetto Charter operates out of facilities previously built by Palmetto Christian School, which closed due to declining enrollment brought on by the recession of 2008.  These facilities allow for two classes at each grade level, K-8, with a maximum enrollment of 364 students.  Because of the school's solid reputation for student character and academic excellence, there is a waiting list of over 200 students.  Palmetto Charter is led by it's Principal, Brian Bustle, who was instrumental in the founding of the school.  Mr. Bustle is responsible to the PCS Board of Directors, which consists of five members, all of which have special backgrounds helpful in the management of the school.  In the spring of 2015, PCS completed a $3.5 million purchase of the school facilities and an adjacent 4.5 acre property. 

Areas Served
Areas Served
FL- Manatee
Areas Served Comments Palmetto Charter School is located in a residential neighborhood within the City of Palmetto, approximately two blocks west of Palmetto High School, and draws students from throughout Manatee County, but mostly from the north river area.
Service Categories
Primary Org Type Education
Secondary Org Type Youth Development
Tertiary Org Type Recreation & Sports
Statement from the Board Chair/Board President

It’s hard to put into words the feelings my wife and I have when we drop our children off at Palmetto Charter School.  Perhaps, “safe, family and warmth” describe my feelings best.  We love what the teachers have done for our children, especially how they treat my children as if they were their own. 

My children have excelled in every way – academically, socially and athletically.  The school does a great job at teaching kids to do things the right way; including the ability to work independently.  I really understood the value of what my children were receiving at PCS when my oldest son was so well prepared for high school.  My children have learned great study habits, they take tests with confidence, and I attribute all of this to the rigorous academic program at PCS.  I could not imagine another place for my children.

I am also very proud to say I am a Palmetto Charter School Board Member.   Now that we have successfully completed the purchase or our facilities, I know I speak for the entire Board when I say that we are excited and look forward to our next step of expansion and all the challenges that will bring. Thank you Palmetto Charter for what you have given to my family!

Statement from the CEO/Executive Director
As the Principal of Palmetto Charter School, it has been my great privilege to see it grow from it's inception to one of the area's best schools.  Over the past five plus years, our staff has worked very hard to create a culture where students are kind to each other and respectful toward their teachers.  This reflects our number one goal, "To create a superior learning and social environment." We have many tremendous students at PCS, but the most gratifying thing is to see a new student come into our school and be influenced by our school culture in such a way that their whole educational future is turned in positive direction.  I grew up in Palmetto and it has been my sincere hope that the students from PCS will positively shape the high schools they flow into.  This is certainly happening two blocks away at Palmetto High School.  Over and over I hear from friends and colleagues there about how well our students are prepared.  As a result, quite a number of PHS faculty members have become Palmetto Charter parents.  Finally, I understand that life is so much more than just academics, so we offer many after-school clubs and activities, including Odyssey of the Mind, Jr. Beta Club, Book Club, Dance, etc. In addition, we have an after-school sports program that has a participation rate of about 75% of our middle school students.  We offer flag football, volleyball, cross country, basketball, soccer, softball, golf, tennis and cheerleading; and despite our small size we have one of the highest winning percentages in our league (Manatee and Sarasota Counties consisting of charter and private schools).  In all, Palmetto Charter School is making a tremendous impact in our community, and with our newly acquired property, we aspire to do even more in the future.
Description Palmetto Charter School provides families in the community with a traditional school experience, focusing on character development and a rigorous academic program
Budget $2,500,000
Category Education, General/Other Education, General/Other
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served Children Only (5 - 14 years) Families Minorities
Short Term Success 100% of our 3rd grade students for the 2014-2015 school-year achieved testing scores sufficient to pass to the 4th grade.
8th grade Language Arts/Writing scores for the 2014-2015 school year were the highest in Manatee County for the 4th consecutive year. 
These examples demonstrate the quality of education that students can expect to receive in the current, 2015-2016 school-year
Of the 364 students that attend PCS, 95 are special needs students.  We employ several strategies/programs to help our special needs students to be successful in our rigorous academic environment, including Orton Gillingham (dyslexia) and Great Leaps (reading fluency).
Long Term Success Perhaps the best indicator of our success is how well our students perform in high school.  PCS is located two blocks west of Palmetto High School (PHS), and the great majority of our students attend there after finishing the 8th grade.  It has been a longstanding goal to help PHS become a better school by sending them not only excellent students, but respectful and caring citizens.  In a letter of endorsement for Palmetto Charter School, the Principal of Palmetto High, Willie Clark wrote, "Over the past five years that I have been the Principal of Palmetto High School, I have been impressed with the quality students that consistently matriculate from PCS each year.  Generally speaking, their students are very mature, focused and conscientious.  The majority of them enter PHS fully equipped to handle a very rigorous AICE curriculum, and oftentimes they are some of our strongest academic performers.  PCS does a wonderful job molding these young individuals into well-rounded youngsters, and they certainly contribute significantly to our schools' overall achievement in various areas, from academics to athletics and everything in between."  It is no wonder that four PHS faculty members have their children at PCS.
Program Success Monitoring Grades are probably the most recognized measurement of school success. PCS has been recognized by the State of Florida as a High Performing School and this distinction is a result of our outstanding academic results.  In addition, parent and student surveys consistently show that the teachers here are effective and well liked.   
Program Success Examples PCS has consistently been one of the top performing schools in the area.  We have received an "A" grade by the State of Florida for the past three grading periods and our long waiting list is evidence of the school's outstanding reputation in the community.  Sometimes the grades don't paint the entire picture, so I would like to point to two success stories where PCS changed the lives of two young men.  The first student, an Hispanic student,  K. A. (his initials), was very low academically and had been in trouble a lot at his previous school.  Because of the love and consistent academic support he received at PCS, he was able to graduate from Palmetto High and is now attending college on a baseball scholarship.  Another African American student, J. G., struggled greatly academically.  He found a place at PCS and the positive peer pressure and academic interventions helped him to do his best as a student and as part of the flag football team.  He graduated from Manatee High and is now attending college on a football scholarship.  I do not believe these students would be in college today had it not been for what they received at PCS.
Description PCS middle school students participate in after school sports, including flag football, volleyball, cross country, basketball, cheerleading, soccer, softball, golf and tennis.  PCS competes in the Florida Suncoast League, which consists of 12 charter and private schools in Manatee and Sarasota County.
Budget $8,000
Category Youth Development, General/Other Youth Leadership
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served Children Only (5 - 14 years)
Short Term Success PCS finished undefeated and won the 2015 Flag Football Championship.
The girls soccer team finished undefeated and won the 2014 Championship.
PCS consistently excels in sports despite playing schools with 3 to 5 times the number of students.
The participation rate of is about 75% of our middle school students.
Long Term Success The PCS sports program is designed to enhance friendships, promote physical exercise, develop leadership, teach sportsmanship, prepare students for success in high school sports and simply have fun.  The PCS sports program is  accomplishing all of these goals.  Beyond the value it provides to the individual, the school has benefited from the school spirit and the excitement that sports provides to the school's overall atmosphere.  And because we require a 2.5 GPA for participation, there is an increased leverage to help students work harder in the classroom.
Program Success Monitoring In addition to the points made above, after-school athletics have provided a great opportunity for parents to build relationships as they attend games together.  Because peer relationships developed during the middle school years tend to be enduring, the relationships formed among our students continue into high school, providing our former students with strong peer support; and the parent relationships helped to foster those ongoing friendships.  As the Principal and a long-time community member, I see our former students hanging out together every week at high school events and at the homes of their friends from PCS.  One of the best predictors of success in high school is the quality of the friends you choose.  The friendships forged at PCS through sports are truly making a positive difference in the lives of our former students.
Program Success Examples One example of our school's success is that we have been awarded the league's Sportsmanship Award for the past two years.  Another involves a young lady, M. K., who had never participated in sports.  She tried out for the PCS golf team.  She enjoyed it so much that she worked hard and made the Palmetto High golf team this year as a freshman.  Several other students on the PHS tennis team had never played tennis before they picked up a racket and participated on the Palmetto Charter tennis team.  During this football season, there was a former PCS student starting at QB at PHS at the Freshman, JV and Varsity levels.  Currently on the PHS Varsity Girls Soccer Team, six of the eleven starters are former PCS students.  At least three other freshman girls are on the varsity soccer teams at Bradenton Christian School and Sarasota High.  All of this from a school that graduates about 44 eighth graders each year.
Program Comments by Organization Palmetto Charter School offers a more traditional school experience with an emphasis on character development.and a rigorous academic program.  By focusing on fundamentals such as the memorization of math facts in the early grades, we provide the foundational tools for higher level thinking.  Because of our small size (2 classes per grade level, K-8) we cannot currently offer as many programs as larger schools, but what we do, we do well. PCS typically has a waiting list of about 200 students each year.  By expanding the size of the school, we hope to serve many provide an opportunity for more of the families in our area to receive an outstanding education.  With the new growth and additional facilities, we hope to make PCS even better.
CEO/Executive Director
CEO/Executive Director Brian Duane Bustle Jr.
CEO Term Start June 2010
CEO/Executive Director Email
Experience Brian Bustle has worked in education for over twenty eight years.  He began his teaching career as a Middle School History Teacher for eight years at Lincoln Middle School.  Subsequent to that, he worked at Palmetto Christian School for thirteen years as the Headmaster, as well as a part-time Social Studies  teacher.  Finally, Mr. Bustle was instrumental in the founding of Palmetto Charter School, where he continues to serve as the Principal.
Former CEOs/Executive Directors
Senior Staff
Mrs. Nicole Schmidt Assistant Principal
Staff & Volunteer Statistics
Full Time Staff 31
Part Time Staff 9
Staff Retention Rate % 91
Professional Development Yes
Contractors 1
Volunteers 200
Management Reports to Board Yes
CEO/Executive Director Formal Evaluation Yes
Senior Management Formal Evaluation Yes
Non-Management Formal Evaluation Yes
Monthly meetings of charter school principals are conducted during the school-year and led by representatives of the School District of Manatee County.
Florida Consortium of Charter Schools2011
External Assessments and Accreditations
Awards & Recognition
High Performing Charter SchoolFlorida Department of Education2014
Recognition for Math ScoresFlorida Governor2014
SportsmanshipFlorida Suncoast League2014
SportsmanshipFlorida Suncoast League2015
SportsmanshipFlorida Suncoast League2016
SprotsmanshipFlorida Suncoast League2017
Risk Management Provisions
Directors and Officers Policy
Government Licenses
Organization Licensed by the Government No
Fundraising Plan No
Communication Plan No
Strategic Plan No
Strategic Plan Years
Strategic Plan Adopted 0
Management Succession Plan No
Continuity of Operations Plan No
Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
Whistle Blower Policy No
Document Destruction Policy No
Directors and Officers Insurance Policy Yes
Policies and Procedures Yes
Management Comments by Organization There are no significant management challenges at this time beyond the day to day demands of running a school.  The most important job of the Principal involves the hiring of staff.  Currently, the teachers and staff are very good at what they do and enjoy working at PCS, which is reflected in the low turnover rate.  With the recent purchase of our facilities, we have the opportunity to make improvements to the adjacent property, including the construction of a gym, cafeteria and additional classrooms.  The Principal is working with a civil engineer to develop plans for the consideration by the PCS Board, as well as how we can raise the necessary capital funding for these projects.  
Board Chair
Board Chair Mr. Bill Eurice
Company Affiliation EEE Properties
Board Term May 2016 to June 2019
Board Chair Email
Board Members
Board Members
Mr. Michael Ameres Popi's Place Restaurants
Mrs. Roxanne Britt Charles Britt, Attorney at Law
Mr. Bill Eurice EEE Properties
Mr. David Fernandez Skyway Law
Mr. Robert Montgomery Affordable Accounting
Mr. Ron Witt Price, Hamilton and Price, Attorneys at Law
Mrs, Debra Woithe none
Constituency Includes Client Representation No
Board Ethnicity
African American/Black 0
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 5
Hispanic/Latino 1
Native American/American Indian 0
Other 0 0
Board Gender
Male 5
Female 2
Unspecified 0
Board Term Lengths 3
Board Term Limits 99
Board Orientation Yes
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 6
Board Meeting Attendance % 83
Board Self-Evaluation No
Written Board Selection Criteria Yes
Board Conflict of Interest Policy Yes
% of Board Making Monetary Contributions 100
% of Board Making In-Kind Contributions 100
Governance Comments by Organization
Giving to our school by board members: Palmetto Charter School has a PTO (they have a separate tax exemption) that does a number of fundraisers for the school. Most of the giving done by our board members has come through the PTO.   PCS Directors were involved with the 2016 Giving Challenge and generously contributed to this effort.
The PCS Governing Board is responsible for the selection and oversight of the Principal and Assistant Principal.  The Board also considers/approves staff and policy changes proposed by the Principal, as well as budgets.  The Principal is responsible for day to day operations and management of the school.  The meeting calendar includes four regularly scheduled meetings.  However, during the past two years we were negotiating purchase, loan and lease agreements that required numerous extra meetings to facilitate the review of documents and allow for negotiations between the school and the seller/leasor.  During this period, where meetings dates were established at short notice (meeting notifications were sent out to parents and teachers via email), it was sometimes difficult for all five board members to attend.
PCS has been blessed to have capable and dedicated members from its inception to present.  Since the transition from the Founding Board, PCS has had a total of eight members that have served.  The current Board is composed of very competent individuals that have a great heart for the school and are well connected within the community.
By law, one of the members is required to serve as the parent liaison.  Even with this, sometimes parents will bring concerns to other members because of personal relationships they have with a particular member.  Thus, the Board instituted a policy requiring parents to email their concerns to the Board Members (email address are on the school's website) rather than present them in person or over the phone. 

Sometimes there is spirited debate between members of the Board, but it is always civil.  Almost all votes are unanimous as the Board President seeks find points of consensus as the basis for moving forward.  Perhaps the biggest challenge for the school's leadership is whether to grow the school or to simply better serve our current population.  Many in the community that want to attend PCS cannot be accommodated because of our limited space, but it is our concern that we may lose the intimate quality of the school if we choose to grow.  It is the current thinking of the Board to move forward with the development of the newly purchased property to address the needs for growth.
Current Year Projections
Tax Year Start Month July
Tax Year Start Day 01
Tax Year Begins 2017
Tax Year End Month June
Tax Year End Day 30
Tax Year Ends 2018
Projected Revenue $2,455,694.00
Projected Expenses $2,727,632.00
Total Projected Revenue includes "in-kind" contributions/ donations No
Organization has Endowment No
Capital Campaign
Currently In a Capital Campaign Yes
Anticipate Campaign within 5 years? Yes
Campaign Purpose Phase 1 - Develop recently purchased land so that it drains well and is usable for athletic fields. Phase 2 - Develop a site plan for future growth. Phase 3 - Build a facility to house a cafeteria, gym and additional classrooms.
Campaign Goal $100,000.00
Campaign Dates Aug 2016 to Sept 2020
Amount Raised To Date 83000 as of Oct 2017
Financial Review
Revenue SourcesHelpThe financial analysis involves a comparison of the IRS Form 990 and the audit report (when available) and revenue sources may not sum to total based on reconciliation differences. Revenue from foundations and corporations may include individual contributions when not itemized separately.
Fiscal Year201720162015
Foundation and
Corporation Contributions
Government Contributions$2,565,865$2,545,032$0
Individual Contributions$89,007$18,470$10,306
Investment Income, Net of Losses$1,333$56$2,858
Membership Dues$0$0$0
Special Events$0$0$0
Revenue In-Kind$0$0$0
Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year201720162015
Program Expense$1,908,037$1,916,571$2,054,246
Administration Expense$584,763$667,780$446,866
Fundraising Expense$0$0$0
Payments to Affiliates$0$0$0
Total Revenue/Total Expenses1.121.041.08
Program Expense/Total Expenses77%74%82%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue0%0%0%
Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year201720162015
Total Assets$4,097,441$4,056,707$4,164,508
Current Assets$475,104$367,373$351,367
Long-Term Liabilities$2,777,515$2,894,316$3,329,461
Current Liabilities$231,225$360,399$136,435
Total Net Assets$1,088,701$801,992$698,612
Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201720162015
Top Funding Source & Dollar AmountGovernment Grants - Unspecified $2,565,865Government Grants - Federal, State and Local $2,545,032FTE Income $2,553,406
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountOther Program Service Revenue $123,304Other Program Service Revenue $124,173Other Program Service Revenue $122,795
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountContributions, gifts, grants $89,007Contributions, gifts, grants $18,470Contributions, gifts, grants $10,306
CEO/Executive Director Compensation $50,001 - $75,000
Tax Credits No
Short Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201720162015
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities2.051.022.58
Long Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201720162015
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets68%71%80%
Financials Comments
Financial Comments by Organization During our first year of operation, school funding by the state was at a high level and we were very frugal.  The end result was we were able after the first year to establish a $145,000 reserve fund.  In addition, we were able to save additional funds that allowed us to have the necessary capital to close on the purchase of our facilities.  Other than the first mortgage ($3.3 million) and second mortgage (about $90,000) for our facilities, we have not incurred any debt. If the school relies exclusively upon state funds, opportunities to develop the adjacent property and expand our program will be delayed approximately four or more years.
Financial Comments by Foundation Financial information taken from Federal 990s and audited financial statements.  Contributions include foundation and corporate support. 
Nonprofit Palmetto Charter School Inc
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PALMETTO , FL 34221 6151
Phone 941 723-3711