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To engage our audience in short innovative theater works while providing a nurturing environment that encourages, challenges, and inspires playwrights and other theater artists.

CEO/Executive Director No Executive Director
Board Chair Mr. Don Walker
Board Chair Affiliation self-employed, actor, videographer, photographer, director
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Tax Exempt Status Public Supported Charity
Incorporation Year 2006
State Charitable Solicitations Permit Yes Feb 2018
State Registration Yes Dec 2017
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Note: Revenue includes the value of in-kind contributions/donations
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Impact Statement

Theatre Odyssey produced a Student Ten-Minute Playwriting Festival and a Ten-Minute Play Festival in 2013 and also published Volume Two of the company's produced plays (for the years 2009 through 2013).

In 2014, it produced the Second Annual Student Ten-Minute Playwriting Festival in January and the Ninth Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival in May.  

In 2015, Theatre Odyssey produced a Third Annual Student Ten-Minute Playwriting Festival in January and produced its Tenth Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival, April 30 through May 3. 
In 2016, Theatre Odyssey produced a Fourth Annual Student Ten-Minute Playwriting Festival in January and produced its Eleventh Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival on May 5-8.
In 2017, Theatre Odyssey produced a Fifth Annual Student Ten-Minute Playwriting Festival in January and will produce their Twelfth
Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival May 4-7. 
Needs Statement

The primary need for additional capital is to provide funds for the cash prizes to festival winning playwrights, to maintain the company's website and database--its lifeline to ticket sales for the festivals, to pay for any company related but non-event based marketing, and to pay for any professional memberships necessary to heighten the company's community profile.  


Background Statement

Theatre Odyssey began with a series of discussions among members of the cast of METAMORPHOSES, the 2005 National-award-winning production of the Manatee Players. Those discussions centered on creating a local theater company that could work in multiple venues, encourage and perform new works, and pays monetary stipends to all participants.

In December of 2005, Tom Aposporos and Larry Hamm, two members of that award-winning cast, met with a local playwright (also a practicing attorney) who wished to have his play, a full-length work in progress, read by skilled actors in a formal setting in front of an audience. The success of that effort inspired the creation of something new, and admittedly different–a festival of fully produced ten-minute plays solicited from local writers. A best play would be selected and a monetary award would be given to the playwright. In January 2006, Theatre Odyssey became a legal entity and produced its first Ten-Minute Play Festival a few months later.

The rules first developed in 2006 are largely still in use today. The play selection process begins with qualified readers, who remain anonymous so as not to be influenced by a writer’s identity. An independent scoring system using a uniform matrix guides the readers in choosing the most worthy plays for production. Three highly respected judges choose the best play each year at the annual festival.
The quality of the plays submitted by local playwrights became evident in 2008 when noted New York publishing house Smith and Kraus announced that two plays each by Sylvia Reed (AMERICAN FLAG and WORKS IN PROGRESS) and Larry Hamm (DO-OVERS and PRECONCEPTION) would be included in Smith and Kraus’ BEST TEN-MINUTE PLAY series.

In 2013, the company created a Student Ten-Minute Playwriting Festival to encourage emerging playwrights from local middle and high schools. That initial festival was in January 2013 and became a new annual event for Theatre Odyssey. Its play selection process and production values follow those of the Ten-Minute Play Festival.

In addition, in 2013, the company introduced an Audience Favorite award at the Eighth Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival.

Theatre Odyssey has published the produced plays in a two volume set; Volume One: 2006 to 2009 and Volume Two: 2010 to 2013.

Theatre Odyssey is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors and an Advisory Board of Directors. (Members of the Advisory Board of Directors do not vote on matters that come before the Board of Directors, and their attendance at Board of Directors meetings is requested but not required.) There is no paid chief executive officer nor paid staff.  The company shares net revenue from event ticket sales with actors, directors, and technical crew.
Areas Served
Areas Served
FL- Sarasota
FL- Manatee
FL- Lee
FL- Hillsborough
FL- DeSoto
FL- Charlotte
Areas Served Comments The First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Annual Student Ten-Minute Playwriting Festivals were produced at the State College of Florida, Bradenton campus in the Ann and David Howard Studio Theatre.  The sixth annual festival will be held in the same theater.  The Ten-Minute Play Festival has always been Sarasota-based--the Twelfth Annual Festival will be held again in the Cook Theatre at the FSU/Asolo Center for the Performing Arts.
Service Categories
Primary Org Type Arts,Culture & Humanities
Secondary Org Type Arts,Culture & Humanities
Tertiary Org Type Youth Development
Statement from the Board Chair/Board President

My name is Tom Aposporos and I was one of the founders of this company in 2006.  I have served as President as recently as the 2015 season and am privileged to return as an Emeritus Director as Theatre Odyssey begins its twelfth season serving its art and the people of this region.

It was our initial belief that we could produce stage productions under the most unusual of circumstances.  An empty space, indoors or out, was all we would need to give life to a playwright's words.  We opted to encourage short plays by local writers.  We developed a fair and equitable selection process to choose the plays we produce, and an annual festival to perform them.  The playwright of the festival winning play receives a cash prize, and the performers, directors, and stage crews all share in revenue from audience ticket sales.
Five years ago, the company developed a second festival, this one for students, with the same standards and values as our annual Ten-Minute Play Festival.  My only regret is that we didn't do this sooner! 
Our idea in 2006 was unique.  Today, it is more common.  Even our revenue sharing approach has been adopted in practice by others.  We are pleased to have pioneered new and uncommon spaces to produce stage plays and to offer the opportunity to local writers to see their labors performed.
Statement from the CEO/Executive Director

Description This annual event is an adjudicated festival of ten-minute plays which must be original works and must be meet a criteria established by Theatre Odyssey.  The event is open to Gulf Coast of Florida (generally Tampa Bay to Naples) residents.  The plays selected for production by Theatre Odyssey retained qualified readers re produced using local acting and directing talent at an annual festival open to the public.  The playwright who authors the winning play receives a cash prize.
Budget $15,000
Category Arts, Culture & Humanities, General/Other Theater Festivals
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served General/Unspecified General/Unspecified General/Unspecified
Short Term Success Audiences grow year over year.  The number of plays submitted for consideration for production also grows year to year.
Long Term Success The annual festival, now approaching its eleventh, grows in popularity each year.  The number of plays annually submitted for consideration for production has grown four times since the first festival in 2006.
Program Success Monitoring Acceptance by annual audiences speaks loudly.
Program Success Examples Year to year growth in play submissions, and audience support for those produced, confirms the credibility of the annual festival.
Description Plays are submit from area high school students and read by panel of Theatre professionals to be selected to compete in a full production at State College of Florida in the Howard Studio in front of an audience with adjudicators deciding the best play and runner- up. These two student winners are awarded scholarships.
Budget $4,000
Category Arts, Culture & Humanities, General/Other Theater Festivals
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served Adolescents Only (13-19 years) Adults Children and Youth (0 - 19 years)
Short Term Success In January 2016 we just completed our Fourth Annual Student Ten-Minute Playwriting Festival that had six students participating from four area high schools. There were two performance evenings this year for the first time versus only one performance as our audience for this festival is growing. This is the first year that we did some marketing to groups to encourage an bigger audience as well and it worked.
Long Term Success In late 2016 we will offer more playwriting workshops for area students and include seventh and eight graders as well, to hopefully foster even more interest in playwriting for creative area students. There will be more indepth contact with area school educators and a scholarship will be awarded to the school that produces the student with the winning play in 2017, for use in that school's theatre/drama deparyment.
Program Success Monitoring Is has been interesting to see the students that submit plays in their freshman years and keep on submitting them in future years, improve and sharpen their skills in their crafting a play. This is evident by the readers that select the plays - not knowing the name of the student or school that has submit it and by the sheer numbers of scripts and audience attendance increasing.
Program Success Examples After only four years this festival has grown in the size of the audience, the amount of students participating and we increased the dollar amount of the scholarships being awarded to the winners for the 2016 festival.
Theatre Odyssey ON THE ROAD program is bringing full productions of new short plays to retirement communities and assisted living facilities to retired theater lovers that can no longer get out of their homes to see live theater. We are bringing live theater to them. We have just completed our first ON THE ROAD programs March 28 and March 29, 2017. On March 28, we performed 4 new plays written by Florida residents to an audience of 285 at Pelican Cove, Sarasota. On March 29th we brought the same 4 plays to Sarasota Bay Club, Sarasota for an audience of 125. We will continue to present ON THE ROAD productions of new plays in the autumn of 2017 and spring of 2018.
Budget $3,200
Category Arts, Culture & Humanities, General/Other Theatrical Performances
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served Aging, Elderly, Senior Citizens Elderly and/or Disabled Adults
Short Term Success Both facilities that saw the ON THE ROAD performances last week were extremely pleased, entertained and want us back again next season. The Activities Directors at both locations were so impressed with the professionalism and entertainment value of the programs, that they will be bringing residents to the Cook Theatre in May 2017 to see eight new ten-minute plays performed in our 12th annual festival.
Long Term Success Long term we feel this is a great way to give back to the community to those that love live theater and are not able to get to it due to age, infirmity or economic reasons. It gives our local playwrights more exposure for their work and encourages them to continue with more new works. The actors and the crew found it very rewarding to perform for these audiences and the audience was so very appreciative. It is a "win-win" for all involved--the actors, playwrights, crew, and audience. We hope to be able to continue doing this permanently in addition to our two festivals each year.
Program Success Monitoring Feedback from the Activities Directors of the senior facilities will be our monitoring guide, not to mention the reaction and applause of the audiences that enjoy and benefit these performances!
Program Success Examples Again, audience reaction and feedback from the Activities Directors of the senior facilities; it has all been very positive. Therefore, we will continue to strive to offer the best selection of new short plays using the best directors, actors and crew members that we can possibly find.
Theatre Odyssey is collaborating closely with the Artist Hermitage to present playwriting workshops with our local playwrights when a well-known, renowned or famous playwright is in resident with them.
To date we had had two such workshops and our next / third one is April 24, 2017. 
Our first event was with Arthur Kopit at a dinner venue where he spoke of his experiences in writing and how to go about it.
Our second event was a workshop with Dipika Guha at the Hermitage in Englewood with our local playwrights to discuss strategies for writing plays.
Budget $300
Category Arts, Culture & Humanities, General/Other Theater Arts Instruction
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served Adults
Short Term Success
The Evening with Arthur Kopit was a wonderful way for local playwrights to meet the two-time Pulitzer Prize-nominated playwright and learn of his methods and why they work.
The Dipika Guha workshop was attended by a full house of local playwrights who participated in various exercises on writing a short play. It proved to them that you are never to old to learn something new and sharpen your skills. 
Long Term Success
Our first event collaboration with the Hermitage Artist Retreat was so well received that our next one will be a ten-minute playwriting workshop with Marisa Kraus to take place in Sarasota on April 24, 2017. We hope to continue such events and workshops each time the Hermitage has a visiting playwright. 
Program Success Monitoring
Feedback from the attendee playwrights has been very positive and they are looking for more such opportunities. Hermitage program director has been very pleased with the way the Theatre Odyssey has worked on these events to bring more cultural education to our local playwrights. 
Program Success Examples One playwright that attended the Dipika Guha workshop has submitted plays to our festival for the last few years and his work was never one of the plays selected to perform with seven other plays in our annual festival. After the session with Ms. Guha, he mentioned that he had a play he could do some re-writes on, as now he knew where he went wrong. Ms. Guha had given him some insight as to technique that he could use to perfect his play. As a result out of the 54 plays received by the end of February 2017, his was one of the eight plays selected to perform May 4-7, 2017 at the Cook Theatre. It was a revelation that workshops by experts can help our local playwrights. They can learn new techniques to perfect their craft.
Program Comments by Organization Sarasota has a rich history of supporting the arts, especially the theater. For twelve years Theatre Odyssey has been producing their Ten-Minute Play Festival. Every festival has featured plays written by local Sarasota playwrights…. maybe one of your neighbors! While Ten-Minute festival entries come from Tampa to Naples, it seems like most of the entries come from local Sarasota , . To name some of them: Ron Pantello, Marvin Albert, Bernie Yanelli, Connie Schindewolf, Larry Parr, George Loukides, and Arthur Keyser. Some student playwrights: Julien Freij & Amy Dop. We hope to expand our Ten-Minute Festival to include more Florida writers. This year we doubled our efforts in Tampa and Naples. Someday Theatre Odyssey may open it doors to all Florida writers, but for now, we are comfortable being the best we can be locally. Next year we will expand our Student Play Playwriting Festival to even more high schools through our affiliation with the Arts & Cultural Alliance Education Task Force.  We have also initiated a program “Theatre Odyssey On The Road”, whereby we take our plays to audiences who would not otherwise be able to attend a theater performance.  


CEO/Executive Director
CEO/Executive Director No Executive Director
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Worked with The Starlite Room to rehearse short plays and used this venue to have preview audiences before taking the short plays for THEATRE ODYSSEY ON THE ROAD to local nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
Arts & Cultural Alliance of Sarasota2017
External Assessments and Accreditations
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Organization Licensed by the Government No
Fundraising Plan Yes
Communication Plan Yes
Strategic Plan No
Strategic Plan Years 3
Strategic Plan Adopted Dec 2014
Management Succession Plan No
Continuity of Operations Plan No
Nondiscrimination Policy No
Whistle Blower Policy Yes
Document Destruction Policy Yes
Directors and Officers Insurance Policy No
Policies and Procedures No
Management Comments by Organization There is no CEO or Executive Director.  Board comments appear otherwise in this profile.
Multi-Media Comments by Organization 2017 12th Annual Festival
Board Chair
Board Chair Mr. Don Walker
Company Affiliation self-employed, actor, videographer, photographer, director
Board Term July 2016 to June 2019
Board Chair Email
Board Members
Board Members
Mr. Marvin Albert Retired businessman, current playwright
Mr. Tom Aposporos Licensed Real Estate Broker, Actor, and Narrator
Mr. Preston Boyd Professional actor, director and musician
Mr. Michael Bush Furniture business owner
Ms. Leona Collesano I.T.
Ms. Nicole Cunningham playwright, actress
Ms. Donna DeFant retired, Financial Services Industry
Mr. Daniel Higgs Retired Media Coordinator and Educator
Mr. Tom Hudson attorney
Mr. Jeffery Kin Artistic Director, Players Centre for Performing Arts
Mr. Gabriel Ortiz Assistant director and teacher, Oasis Middle School
Mr. Ronald Pantello Retired advertising executive, current playwright
Mr. Terry Romine Retired attorney
Ms. Nancy Roucher retired educator
Ms. Maya Rudo student board member
Mr. Robert Trisolini Professional Choreographer, Director
Mr. Robert Turoff retired theater owner
Ms. Tami Vaughan Self-employed, Editor, Graphic Designer
Mr. Donald Walker Self-employed, Photographer, Videographer, Actor, Director
Mr. David Yamin retired Attorney
Mr. Tyler Yurckonis owner, The Starlite Room
Constituency Includes Client Representation Yes
Board Ethnicity
African American/Black 1
Asian American/Pacific Islander 2
Caucasian 16
Hispanic/Latino 1
Native American/American Indian 1
Other 0 0
Board Gender
Male 15
Female 6
Unspecified 0
Board Term Lengths 3
Board Term Limits 2
Board Orientation Yes
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 11
Board Meeting Attendance % 76
Board Self-Evaluation Yes
Written Board Selection Criteria Yes
Board Conflict of Interest Policy Yes
% of Board Making Monetary Contributions 95
% of Board Making In-Kind Contributions 100
Standing Committees
Advisory Board / Advisory Council
Communications / Promotion / Publicity / Public Relations
Development / Fund Development / Fund Raising / Grant Writing / Major Gifts
Board Governance
Community Outreach / Community Relations
Strategic Planning / Strategic Direction
Governance Comments by Organization The company is operated by its working Board of Directors and there is a continuing obligation to evaluate the performance of Directors, and to identify and address if necessary unmet needs.
Current Year Projections
Tax Year Start Month Jan
Tax Year Start Day 01
Tax Year Begins 2018
Tax Year End Month Dec
Tax Year End Day 31
Tax Year Ends 2018
Projected Revenue $25,000.00
Projected Expenses $23,000.00
Total Projected Revenue includes "in-kind" contributions/ donations Yes
Organization has Endowment No
Endowment Spending Policy N/A
Capital Campaign
Currently In a Capital Campaign No
Campaign Purpose
Campaign Goal
Amount Raised To Date 0 as of 0
Financial Review
Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year201720162015
Program Expense$20,819$14,397$18,139
Administration Expense$874$7,913$2,262
Fundraising Expense$0$7,892$0
Payments to Affiliates$0$0$0
Total Revenue/Total Expenses1.071.151.19
Program Expense/Total Expenses96%48%89%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue0%31%0%
Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year201720162015
Total Assets$0$0$0
Current Assets$0$0$0
Long-Term Liabilities$0$0$0
Current Liabilities$0$0$0
Total Net Assets$0$0$0
Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201720162015
Top Funding Source & Dollar AmountProgram Service Revenue $22,307Contributions, gifts, grants $14,648Contributions, gifts, grants $11,950
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountContributions, gifts, grants $838Fundraising $11,066Ticket Sales $9,922
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar Amount0 $0Program Service Revenue $8,913Venice Cabaret $1,805
CEO/Executive Director Compensation N/A
Co-CEO/Executive Director Compensation N/A
Tax Credits No
Short Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201720162015
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities------
Long Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201720162015
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets------
Financials Comments
Financial Comments by Organization Theatre Odyssey is able to make a "post card" filing with the Internal Revenue because its annual operations fall below the allowable threshold.  The company is modestly building its reserve fund and endeavors to add 20% of its income to the reserve fund annually.
Financial Comments by Foundation Financial information taken from compilations.
Nonprofit Theatre Odyssey Inc
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