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Creating Better Futures by fostering agents of change and by looking at the past and learning from the emerging futures.  Our symbol is the historic White Bus rescue action from World War II.  We are inspired by the ordinary heroes who created a life-changing outcome for thousands of humans in need. With Compassion, We create Better Futures.
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Board Chair Richard S Ohlsson
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Better Futures
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The Better World Foundation for Children, Inc.
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Incorporation Year 2004
State Charitable Solicitations Permit Yes June 2018
State Registration Yes May 2019
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Impact Statement
Shared our Presentation "How a jar of potato sallad led to the rescue of 15,500 Holocaust victims" with local high school students and received great responses!
Facilitated a face to face meeting with Elsie, a 95 year old american born Holocaust survivor, with Grace a 17 year old Holocaust denier.
Grace had a few thousand followers on her u-tube account where she shared her beliefs. 
After 3 hour around Elsie's dining room table Grace realized she had been misinformed by whom she thought were her "close" and "caring" friends.
This was an incredible experience for all involved!
Create a traveling exhibit and curriculum, connect with partners and raise funds for the proposed White Bus for Better Futures Self-Contained Traveling Exhibit and Educational Programs together with Learning Experiences.
Our symbol, The White Bus, will inspire students of all ages to explore history while learning about what being a good citizen means.
The history of the White Bus rescue action shares the stories of what a few hundred volunteers or ordinary heroes accomplished while setting aside their differences and Helping other Humans in need.
The White Bus for Better Futures program has the potential to serve as a transformative educational experience promoting social justice and civic responsibility.
The historical context of the White Bus intervention in WWII offers a clear example of courages moral advocacy in the face of systematic injustice.
Inspired by museum educational programming from Scandinavia, White Bus for Better Futures will provide a framework to empower students of all ages to intervene in the face of present day injustice through an inspiring and empowering historical narrative. 
Needs Statement
  1. Purchase a 26 ft long trailer to be wrapped to look exactly like the White Bus back in 1945 (ins. and registration incl.) $15,000.00
  2. Operating cost of the classroom on wheels visiting approximately 20 local high schools $5000 ($250/school) (incl in $15,000.00)
  3. Phase two: The trailer will be enhanced to become a self-contained, traveling, educational exhibit with multiple screens inside to show short videos and other source of media from related subjects included recent interviews with Holocaust survivors $25,000.00
  4. Traveling exhibit to reach 260 High Schools outside our local Sarasota/Manatee area $65,000.00 ($250/school)(the timeline of this step will be based on evaluation of success based on feedback from already visited schools students and teachers)
  5. The White Bus For Better Futures program will if deemed successful reach out to other states, it has the potential of being duplicated to more than one traveling exhibit classroom on wheels (trailer).
Background Statement
Better Futures started in 2006 as The Better World Foundation For Children. Previous programs include: Mindful Movement program provides and assists with existing educational programs to qualifying institutions and charities designed to teach participants to improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual health in a sustainable way. Farm to Table: A healthier life through healthier eating for the participants, from growing via harvesting to the preparing and consuming of organic food, and access to wholesome local organic produce at growers price. Better Futures Early Intervention/Prevention Program benefiting at-risk youths in Newtown Sarasota. Healthy Start - Better Future's pioneer program where 480 nutritionally balanced meals were provided weekly to hundreds of children living in a poverty stricken community located in southern Brazil. Hands of Hope - our program that sustained Healthy Start. Better Futures mothers took recycled garbage such as pop tops from cans and weaved them into handbags, dresses, caps, and other beautiful products
Areas Served
Areas Served
FL- Sarasota
FL- Manatee
FL- Hillsborough
FL- Lee
FL- DeSoto
FL- Charlotte
FL- Hardee
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Primary Org Type Education
Secondary Org Type Philanthropy,Voluntarism & Grantmaking Foundations
Tertiary Org Type Human Services
Statement from the Board Chair/Board President
"Ever since I was introduced to The White Bus Rescue Action, which took place in the spring of 1945, I have seen the positive impact on people from all walks of life affected by the buses--both in the past and the present. I have had the honor to meet and become very close friends with a few beautiful souls who were rescued by the buses, and I have learned the story directly from them. Visiting three of the five existing white buses on display in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark has been something of a life-changing event for me. The Red Cross in Oslo, Norway, uses their bus to educate some 900 students every year about the war experience when people lost everything including their families. This is accomplished in an interactive history lesson originating with the story of the white bus. Malmo Museum in Sweden focuses on the life "afterward" for the approximately 17,500 victims who were rescued from the Nazi persecution. The white bus in Copenhagen, Denmark, puts the emphasis on all the volunteers who risked their lives by traveling into Nazi occupied territory to rescue human beings in need. The White Bus was and is still today a powerful symbol for humans lending a hand to other humans in need. My goal with Better Futures, in taking the action of bringing the symbol of the white buses to students of all ages in the United States, is to share the story of real heroism. I just know it will significantly improve our planet for generations to come!"
In addition to the above, The inspiration of the young Norwegian, Wanda Hjort, under house arrest in Germany and her actions of collecting the names of 6000 Scandinavian prisoners, together with the incredible work of the Polish lecturer, Zygmont Lakocinski, in Sweden, interviewing 500 + womens' stories and saving them for generations to came have just added to the already incredible piece of little known history!
"White Bus for a Better Future" is inspired by The White Bus Rescue Campaign taking place at the end of WW2, in 1945, organized by Swedish Red Cross.  The Campaign rescued app. 17,500 Holocaust Survivors and brought them to Sweden.
The program consists of a Self-Contained Traveling Exhibit and Educational Programs and will utilize the White Bus story as a Symbol together with an Exhibit Trailer with Films, Pictures and Interactive Educational Material. It will also honor the volunteers that risked their lives and recognize the very few Holocaust Survivors still alive today.
A curriculum teaching history, volunteerism and acceptance of all humans - intended for Schools, Universities and Museums around the US.
Budget $100,000
Category Education, General/Other Educational Programs
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served US& International US General/Unspecified
Short Term Success
History lesson about what a few hundred volunteers/ordinary heroes accomplished in the spring of 1945.
Share about what small actions of kindness can lead to.
What does it mean to be a good citizen and what can I do to make sure I am a good citizen every day?!
Creating Better Futures by looking at the past and learning from the emerging future.
With Compassion, We create Better Futures! 
Long Term Success
Prevent bullying in schools and work places by teaching the skills of acceptance of all no matter what background we come from. 
The teachings of how to be a good citizen will ensure Better Futures.
With Compassion, We create Better Futures.
Program Success Monitoring
Many different exhibits and curriculum in the Scandinavian country's around the White Bus rescue action has proven to make a great and positiv impact on students.
We have collected material from these exhibits and curriculums that together with recent interviews from rescued Holocaust victims will achieve a positive outcome.
We will conduct surveys from each school class and teachers and do follow up and build reports in order to make adjustments as needed.
Program Success Examples
This will bring people together while focusing on our similarities and embracing our differences by looking at the past and learning from the emerging future.
Data to be updated as we get results on surveys from students and teachers. 
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Community Day School in Sarasota, Pines Of Sarasota Foundation, Florida Holocaust Museum (St. Petersburg), Remember The Women Institute in New York, NY. USF Manatee, St Petersburg and Tampa, FL, Malmo Museum in Malmo, Sweden, Red Cross in Malmo, Sweden, National Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark. Red Cross in Oslo, Norway. Museum of Cultural History in Lund, Sweden.
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Board Chair Richard S Ohlsson
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Governance Comments by Organization Better Futures board abides by all governance policies. Each board member participates and contributes. We are an all volunteer organization and successfully rely on board members and volunteers efforts.
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Campaign Purpose Raise funds for White Bus for Better Futures program
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Amount Raised To Date 4000 as of Mar 2017
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