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Reach Out Recovery's mission is Addiction Education, Prevention and Recovery   
CEO/Executive Director Ms Leslie Glass
Board Chair Carol Sisco PhD
Board Chair Affiliation Sisco Associates
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Reach Out Recovery
Tax Exempt Status Public Supported Charity
Incorporation Year 2011
State Charitable Solicitations Permit Yes Apr 2017
State Registration Yes Dec 2015
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Impact Statement
Major accomplishments of Reach Out Recovery this year include:
American Public Television national distribution on PBS of the Reach Out Recovery’s ground-breaking teen prevention documentary, “The Silent Majority,” featuring real teens in real programs that empower them to think for themselves when it comes to drugs, alcohol and other lifestyles choices.
Reach Out Recovery created a curriculum with a certified school counselor for teens, educators and parents based on The Silent Majority documentary called “In The Majority.” This $26,000 program with advanced website has interactive video and activities to promote individual critical thinking among for students in schools and afterschool programs. In The Majority was approved for use in Sarasota County school system and after school programs, has been accepted by the Patterson Foundation for the SRQ EdExplore program and website and the website.
Reach Out Recovery completely rebuilt its website to be mobile phone compatible.
New features added to the website are not available in one place anywhere else on the web include:
      An Addiction A-Z database to answer questions about substance and behavior addictions
      A daily newspaper with 50 established news sources, original bloggers, professionals and academic contributors
      The first family and friends database that allows readers to explore the impact of addiction on family members and how to understand, cope with it, and heal
ROR is a trendsetter in every way. The content of ROR is enormous and its design features and style spawned a new way of telling the recovery story that other organizations and businesses have begun to adopt. The new recovery look and feel designed by ROR have brought excitement to an underserved population that has historically had no voice or support. ROR has followers all over the world. Everyday the ROR’s message of education and hope goes out to thousands of people who now know they are not alone.
Needs Statement
Donations to support Reach Out Recovery have a multiplier effect in each of our 3 programs.

1. The Reach Out Recovery Website
2. Reach Out Recovery documentaries and videos supported through the Reach Out Recovery Film Fund.
3. Reach Out Recovery sponsorshop of The Silent Majority Curriculum and website for middle and high school students and parents and educators.

Donations support new videos that lift the stigma from addiction

A donation of $100 supports recovery reporting on TV and the Internet.

A donation of $100 or more will help bring "The Silent Majority" Curriculum to bring to schools, parents, educators and after school programs. $40,000 is needed to hire an education director to test and market the program.

Donations to Reach Out Recovery support our website that brings understanding, community, and direct information about addiction and recovery to the millions of people who need it.
Background Statement
While traveling across the country filming the documentary “The Secret World of Recovery," mother and daughter writer-producers, Leslie and Lindsey Glass, who had experienced the recovery journey themselves, discovered a world they knew little about. Like thousands of families that had struggled with addiction in the teen years, they had been influenced by the negative images and hopelessness portrayed on TV and in the media. During the years they needed help the most
they had felt isolated without reliable sources of information or support. They vowed to bring the story of recovery and its benefits to every community, as well as the health and economy of the nation, to the attention of the general public. First they produced a documentary. Teens and families, however, needed more. A platform to connect other efforts as well as recovery news were needed. Fulfilling this vision was a lot of work, but they kept
going. The point of no return came when Lindsey gave up screenwriting and
Leslie gave up mystery writing, and their lives changed for several years. They
couldn't just make a movie and show it to a few people. The passion meant they would have to embark on an uncertain path. Could two people really make a difference? They didn't know. But the mission to educate and provide the nation with new ways of thinking about addiction prevention became their life work. They have been at the forefront of a national effort, working with SAMHSA, The President's Office On National Drug Control Policy and other recovery leaders and organizations.
Reach Out Recovery began with "The Secret World Of Recovery" and an expo for addiction and recovery stakeholders in Sarasota that broke all Sarasota film festival records for attendance. The next year they produced "The Silent Majority" and produced a sober Rock n'Run concert on Lido Beach. The new documentary was selected as the closing night film of the Gasparilla Film Festival in Tampa, was broadcast on PBS station WEDU in 2013 and then was re-edited and distributed by American Public Television to PBS stations nationwide in the fall of 2014.
Now the multi-faceted Reach Out Recovery website has taken on a life of its own with followers from all over the world. Lindsey has returned to her own writing life. Leslie is focused on the continuing growth of Reach Out Recovery and fulfillment of its mission.
Areas Served
Areas Served
Areas Served Comments Reach Out Recovery is based in Sarasota Florida and New York City, but the geographical focus is national. We have visitors on our site from 75 countries and over 4000 cities world wide.
Service Categories
Primary Org Type Public & Societal Benefit
Secondary Org Type Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy
Tertiary Org Type Public & Societal Benefit
Statement from the Board Chair/Board President
Dr. Carol Sisco: As a clinician, educator, advocate and researcher for over 30 years in the field of addiction, I knew that a fundamental piece was missing in our field. Addiction was often characterized and described by behaviors of the male user. There was little information about female addicts, as well as the children and family of addicts whose lives are also profoundly impacted by the disease. Stigma and shame kept people from talking about their experiences, and this large, underserved population desperately needed information to help them cope.
I have directed an outpatient addiction treatment center, taught medical and social worker students not only about the issues of substance users, but also the problems of their families and children. I served as the Chairman of the Board of the National Association for Children of Alcoholics. It seemed a natural step to become involved in the Reach Out Recovery mission of educating by creating a user-friendly database--not unlike the medically-focused WEB MD-- that could provide addiction and recovery information to a wide array of global consumers. To me, Reach Out Recovery is the missing piece that is already helping to change the way people think about addiction and recovery. The Reach Out Recovery website touches all aspects of the addiction world--recovery, clinical information, treatment, research, and support. It reaches people who have never been able to find information about how to help the user, but more important how to help themselves as well. ROR is the only information site specifically designed for the underserved audience of 120 million adults and children whose lives are affected by addiction.
As a nonprofit that does not rely on advertising to survive, Reach Out Recovery can operate a daily newspaper and rapidly growing information database and resource successfully where for-profit businesses have not been able to sustain their efforts. The vast world of recovery has not been supported through traditional philanthropy, and this is the challenge any organization in the field currently faces. Engaging the wide audience of people impacted by addiction, and encouraging philanthropy is a goal of Reach Out Recovery. National change will happen when recovery becomes a cause that everyone can support.
Today, people from all over the world come to the ROR site looking for substance and behavior addiction information. They find a newspaper, information database, and community that are constantly growing with new ideas and resources every day. The projects and mission of ROR have grown in their reach and scope, and I am excited about helping to realize a truly groundbreaking vision.

Statement from the CEO/Executive Director
Leslie Glass: I was a bestselling author with a great life until my precious 14-year-old daughter started having problems that I didn't understand. Although we had access to what we thought was the best professional advice, in the next decade we experienced the agony of addiction with no place to go for comfort or hope. We felt isolated and frightened, and at times truly hopeless. Our story is a common one. Since the stigma of addiction was great, we didn’t want anyone to know about our struggles. That stigma isolated us and made healing more difficult. It took me and my daughter literally fifteen years to learn that addiction, both substance and behavior, are very complicated and all family members play a part both in the active addiction phase of the disease and the recovery phase as well. When addiction affects a family, everyone needs both a voice and a way of healing. Founding Reach Out Recovery for Lindsey and me meant starting a venture no one had tried before. We did it because we recognized the need.
There is no lack of information on the web about addiction and recovery, but the most reliable information is not the easiest to find. When families are in crisis, or are confused about what is happening to them, they need a safe place with many kinds of information and resources in one place. That place also has to be easy to navigate and geared to them, not to the experts who speak a clinical language. We also wanted addiction professionals to have a place where their work could be profiled and where news and advocacy in the addiction and recovery fields could be showcased. A tall order. But Lindsey was a screenwriter and blogger, and I was a magazine writer and novelist. We had the background to engage readers like us.
With doubters all around us and very little financial support at first, we built ourselves. Call us relentless. We worked night and day. Forget vacations. Forget weekends. We wrote articles from the mom’s point of view and from the daughter’s point of view. We made two documentaries, one about what recovery looks like “The Secret World of Recovery” and the teen empowerment documentary “The Silent Majority.” Like all endeavors that are new, it took a while for others in the field like Dr. Carol Sisco, our current chair, to recognize what we were doing and want to participate. Now Reach Out Recovery is taking its place as a leader in the recovery and prevention field. The need for families to understand and get help is great, and we will be there to provide it.

Serving a potential audience of 120 million people impacted by addiction with no easy access to support and recovery content, Reach Out Recovery built the only nonprofit recovery website in the public interest that contains substance and behavior addiction information, a daily newspaper, a database of information for family and friends and other unique features.

Reach Out Recovery aggregates news, articles, video, research, and advocacy of recovery community. The ROR website also uses articles, film, YouTube, research from around the world, community collaborations, advocacy and other media projects to aggregate recovery information and support addiction prevention for teens, and the recovery cause.
Budget $175,000
Category Mental Health, Substance Abuse Programs, General/other Substance Abuse
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served Families General/Unspecified US
Short Term Success In just a few months of operation, the Reach Out Recovery website has high google and facebook ranking. "The Silent Majority" received America Public Television distribution, and a curriculum was developed to use the film in schools and to educate parents and teachers. The achievement of producing a documentary is huge to begin with, getting it on TV is an even greater achievement. But getting national distribution in the PBS family is success beyond most independent producers' wildest dreams. There are dozens of curriculums about bullying, but few to none for addiction prevention. The Community Foundation of Sarasota County and The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay sponsored "The Silent Majority" on PBS locally, supporting positive TV community education. Teen prevention programs like Above The Influence from the President's Office of National Drug Control Policy, highlighted in the movie, do work. And showing this to national audiences and helping millions of teens is a huge success.
Long Term Success Reach Out Recovery is barely three years old and has launched has three basic growth projectories. Documentaries: 1. The Secret World of Recovery and the PBS Special, "The Silent Majority" as well as video shorts to support addiction recovery 2. The Reach Out Recovery website, which combines the research capability of a Web MD for addiction and the news of a Huffington Post 3. Educational outreach for teen addiction prevention. Success is marked in the growing audience for all aspects of our work. Documentaries are shown in conferences, at colleges and schools, and used for law enforcement training. The website is a resource for people all over the world lookig for support and understanding. Teen prevention is a long term goal, and the first step was the creation of a documentary and curriculum focused on solution and teen empowerment.
Program Success Monitoring Google Analytics show that our website is doubling its audience. And actual tracking of our results works minutes by minute. We know what our audience likes and needs and are constantly working to provide the articles information and resources they're looking for. The website was ranked 23 of the top 55 recovery websites in its first six months. Now it has been rebuilt for mobile devices and more content to provide a fully comprehensive site. We spent two years producing and showing the teen documentary to conferences and have now received certification to test the curriculum with teens in various programs.
Program Success Examples

“All teenagers, their parents and teachers need to wake up and watch The Silent Majority.  Judges, Prosecutors, Public Defenders, Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, Medical Examiners have been ahead of this story on so many tragic levels for years. With this documentary, the public can finally see solution.” FELIX VEGA prosecutor, Legal Analyst.

Program Comments by Organization
The need for an organization like Reach Out Recovery is great. Families dealing with addiction are commonly in a state of confusion and a crisis and are vulnerable when they search the web looking for help. Often they are influenced by slick referral sites that appear to be information sites but are actually linked to treatment centers that pay for placement regardless of the consumer’s needs or ability to pay. In addition, there is no crowd -sourced review system for treatment centers to help consumers choose their rehab. Without unbiased consumer reviews there is no accountability for treatment centers. Consumers have no way of knowing what they really need and what they are going to get for their dollars. Getting help is not easy. 
Most information is shared among treatment professionals and is not easily accessible to the general public. Reach Out Recovery is committed to finding ways to develop a system of treatment review as well as helping families deal with the tremendous financial and emotional trauma and burden that result from coping with an addicted loved one. This vulnerable population historically faced stigma and ignorance about the disease and had no reliable, non-biased place to go for information about addiction and what to do.  Reach Out Recovery is the only nonprofit that directly addresses family members, as well as addicts, in a non-clinical way, allowing them to gather information about all aspects of addiction, treatment and recovery options so that they can make informed decisions about treatment and understand how they can take care of themselves, heal as families and repair the damage that addiction causes.

Reach Out Recovery is unique. It focuses on family members and their needs, as well as addicts. It provides daily news. It creates a a safe environment for exploring the various aspects of both substance and behavior addictions and its impact on the family. It collaborates with other organizations that deserve a wider audience. 
CEO/Executive Director
CEO/Executive Director Ms Leslie Glass
CEO Term Start Mar 2011
CEO/Executive Director Email
Experience Leslie Glass a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of 15 novels with 30 years experience as a journalist, playwright, and filmmaker, and board member. She also has 23 years experience running a private charitable family foundation. As a grant maker for 24 years as well as 6 years experience serving as a public member (commissioner) of the Middle States Commission of Higher Education, whose work is peer evaluation and review of 500 colleges and universities in the middle states region, and as Trustee of The New York City Police foundation, Leslie knows how donors evaluate projects and the level of excellence on which charitable giving should always be based. Is an organization doing its work in the most effective and efficient way possible? Will it succeed in its mission are two questions Leslie has learned to evaluate as a donor and and will be able implement as a organization leader. In this case, leading a start-up media group, Leslie has the magazine and news background, as well as the marketing and graphic style experience to deliver what audiences are looking for by translating difficult subjects into eagerly anticipated entertainment and food for the spirit. 

 Leslie is not a professional or educator in the field of addiction or addiction recovery. She is a mom and family member who has experienced the family disease of addiction first hand, both as a child and an adult and has traveled the journey of recovery with family members. Her passion for recovery advocacy has prompted her to change direction in her career from successful author, to documentary filmmaker and online magazine editor in the public interest. Her charge is to collect the staff and board needed to make the very first place everyone in America will go every day for information about and to support the recovery cause. 
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Part Time Staff 3
Staff Retention Rate % 100
Professional Development No
Contractors 4
Volunteers 20
Management Reports to Board Yes
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Non-Management Formal Evaluation N/A
In its 4 years of operation, Reach Out Recovery has collaborated with the Sarasota County Sheriff's Department, Teen Court of Sarasota, Drug Free Youth of North Port, The Sarasota Film Festival, Gasparilla International Film Festival, Entertainment Industries Counsel, Faces and Voices of Recovery, SAMHSA Recovery Month Partners, OASAS New York City Recovery Rally, DACCO Tampa, Salvation Army Center Of Hope, Road Recovery Foundation, Drug-Free Kids, the President's Office Of Drug Control Policy, and many other recovery organizations, as well as PBS station WEDU,  National Public Television, America's Promise, NACoA, The Moyer Foundation, The Monday Campaigns, Help Guide, The University of South Carolina School of Social Work.
External Assessments and Accreditations
Awards & Recognition
Honorable Mention 2012 Voice AwardsSAMHSA2012
Official Selection, Closing Night Feature FilmGasparilla International Film Festival2013
Broadcast Special 'The Silent Majority and National DistributionPBS Station WEDU2014
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Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
Whistle Blower Policy Yes
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Directors and Officers Insurance Policy No
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Multi-Media Comments by Organization Reach Out Recovery is a multi media organization. While other organizations spend their resources on direct service programs, our work is to provide information in an education database as well as helping others to use the tools of video and technology to better engage donors and supporters. The best way to see our work in action is to 1. view our videos and movie trailers on our YoutTube channel reachoutrecovery1 and on our websites 2. visit our websites -- to see addiction and recovery information in action.,,
Board Chair
Board Chair Carol Sisco PhD
Company Affiliation Sisco Associates
Board Term Aug 2014 to Aug 2017
Board Chair Email
Board Members
Board Members
David Denicoff Finance
Ms Leslie Glass Founder
Cheryl Gordon EsqShumake Loop
Dr. Carol Sisco Community Leader
Dr. Marjorie Voith Community Leader
Constituency Includes Client Representation No
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African American/Black 0
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Board Term Lengths 3
Board Term Limits 3
Board Orientation Yes
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 1
Board Meeting Attendance % 100
Board Self-Evaluation Yes
Written Board Selection Criteria No
Board Conflict of Interest Policy Yes
% of Board Making Monetary Contributions 100
% of Board Making In-Kind Contributions 75
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Governance Comments by Organization
The major challenge to the fields of addiction recovery and addiction prevention is the lack of a philanthropic category in which donors can comfortably give to this cause. Many organizations exist across the country whose mission is to help people in recovery, but those efforts are scattered, as well as silo-ed.
Catalytic Philanthropy, which is geared toward changing public opinion through film and media is a new idea, and it works. The food industry and climate change have been impacted by documentaries on the subject. In fact, documentaries are the newspapers of the future because they take the time to investigate stories more deeply than a two-minute byte on TV, or an article that appears in the paper but is gone the next day.

The Internet permits wider distribution and immediate sharing of information. These are good things. But without a long history of success people don't know that a website and social media along with documentaries can both directly help people in their daily lives and impact public opinion and national policy. Our challenge is to use our platform and tools to directly impact peoples lives and opinions. The only way to do it is to do it. That's how grassroots movements work. We are proud to be part of the movement to lift the stigma from addiction and help families heal. Our goal is to help make that effort a recognized and important part of the national charitable giving menu.
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Fiscal Year Ends 2017
Projected Revenue $447,981.00
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Fiscal Year201520142013
Top Funding Source & Dollar AmountContributions, gifts, grants $447,981Contributions, gifts, grants $330,402Contributions, gifts, grants $227,810
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Financial Comments by Foundation Financial information taken from the organization's Federal tax returns.  Individual contributions include foundation and corporate support.
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