Family Promise of Sarasota Inc
PO Box 48199
Sarasota FL 34230
Our purpose is to mobilize the resources of Sarasota County to help homeless and low-income families find housing and achieve sustainable independence and lasting self-sufficiency.
We do this by giving compassionate volunteers opportunities to help those families and by drawing on the community's financial, social, and political capital for that end.   
CEO/Executive Director No Executive Director
Board Chair Ms. Sally Reeder
Board Chair Affiliation Classic World Travel
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Family Promise Sarasota
Tax Exempt Status Public Supported Charity
Incorporation Year 2006
State Charitable Solicitations Permit Yes Dec 2017
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Impact Statement
As of August 1, 2017, Family Promise Sarasota had housed eleven families (with a total of twenty-seven children) in the course of the year.  Each family responded to shelter life and opportunities in unique ways, forging new paths (occupations, education, accommodations) accordingly. 
Some bonded and created ongoing extended family connections.  Others revitalized lost family ties and were able to reunite and move forward with a safety net once more in place.  Families that had faltered beneath the weight of homelessness, once strengthened by the independence of a consistent income and home, were able to rebuild once again, shored by trust and hope. 
Once graduated from the Family Promise program, families have the option of continuing to work with the Family Promise team in terms of case management, attending life skills classes and enrichment activities, and as a basic resource for navigating the unfamiliar waters of self-sufficiency.
Family Promise employs two full time staff members and relies on the skills and services of some 200 volunteers throughout the year, providing meals, basic provisions, confidence-building, office support, coaching and compassionate guidance.    
Our 90 day program is geared to getting the entire family back on its feet financially, emotionally, psychologically and logistically.  We accept both traditional and unconventional presentation of family (i.e. grandparent raising child, single mom, single dad, gay couple, and
unmarried couple).   
The requirements are at least one child under 18, no alcohol or drugs and ability to work (we assist the unemployed and under employed in finding an appropriate job.  
Family Promise Sarasota offers Life Skills classes to our resident families.  These classes have included basis budgeting, job-search tips and interview techniques, sorting out fake news, the Sarasota housing market, back-to-school prep, first aid, self-defence, getting past the past, internet safety and continuing education.  These classes lend themselves to avid and personal discussion, often providing breakthroughs to our guests.
Family Promise Sarasota provides volunteer training throughout the year.  Volunteers are required to attend so they understand the mission and appropriate interaction with our guests.   
We have designated funds for activities designed to bring families out of the doldrums and provide entertainment, education and exposure to something new and/or endemic to Sarasota.  Our current families have had the opportunity to experience circus in several forms, internationally acclaimed Bello Knock at the Ringling's Historic Asolo Theatre, along with the ever-popular Circus Museum and Circus Sarasota and Sailor Circus in their farewell performance before leaving for honors at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.  They also attended the Asolo Rep/Mote interactive production of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, celebrating the Jules Verne classis's hundredth anniversary.  As our families change we adjust activities appropriately. 
Twice a month, network director Becky Taylor joins the Homeless Outreach Team of the police department, checking on the chronic homeless and seeking out the newly disenfranchised, advising them of resources and options available.   
Once a month Family Promise holds a Dine Out involving eating and socializing with fellow parishioners and friends at a chosen area restaurant which promises to donate a portion of that evening's take to Family Promise.  
Needs Statement
1) A new building/facility - Office/day center space in Sarasota.
2)  Funding for Aftercare Program - approx. $8000 - to offer all families up to 2 years of aftercare support and services which includes continued case management, minimal gas/grocery gift card incentives, a small fund to pull from for emergency financial assistance with utility bills, etc., and case managers to oversee.
3) General needs for guests - work clothes, supplies, birth certificate replacement, IDs/Driver License, medications, basic hygiene items, monthly bus passes, ranging in price from $5 to $75 each.
4) Facility costs (Office, day center) : $500 monthly, $200 phone/internet/tv costs monthly (annually $7800)
5)  Gas Cards - $35 gas cards help our families with vehicle (over 50% have a car) with getting to and from jobs, or seeking jobs/interviews, and other necessary appts. (When families are full time working, we alternate giving them a card, and then they put in $35 of their own towards gas. (This is SO important as no other agency in Sarasota helps with this).
Background Statement
Family Promise of Sarasota has been assisting homeless families to stabilize their lives and secure sustainable housing since 2007. We are part of the national Family Promise organization of more than 200 affiliates in 43 states. Each affiliate is a coalition of community faith groups and other volunteers who take turns week by week providing several families with shelter and meals while professional staff provide case management services. Families stay together as a unit (something that is not possible in some other programs), and each family has the privacy of its own sleeping room provided by the host congregation/faith group. Where possible, children continue to attend the schools in which they are enrolled when they enter the program. If parents are not working, we assist them to find employment. We help secure needed health and wellness services. While families are in the shelter program, they are able to save a large portion of their earnings toward securing rental housing. In the immediate area of our offices, we operate a Day Center where parents can use computers to do job searches, schedule appointments, care for young children not yet enrolled in daycare and relax, if they wish, on a day off. Each evening dinner is provided by volunteers. A volunteer (or more than one) stays overnight at the facility where the families are being housed. Moving from congregation to congregation each week, families do not put roots down in a single locale and therefor remain motivated to reach their employment, financial savings and housing goals. Families typically remain in the shelter program for about three months. Through case management, they are offered services including employment counseling, assistance in securing job training and certification, financial literacy, parenting skills, and personal and family counseling. Those graduating from the shelter program receive assistance in securing needed household items and in moving possessions into their new home. Most graduating families opt for aftercare case management services, which are available for up to two years. Family Promise of Sarasota has a success rate of more than 80 percent – higher than the national average – in assisting families to move from homeless into sustainable or transitional housing. Because the program is volunteer driven, this is achieved at a financial cost far below that of many other agencies.
Areas Served
Areas Served
Areas Served Comments We primarily serve children and their parents/guardians in Sarasota County, but can also take in families from other surrounding counties as well.
Service Categories
Primary Org Type Housing, Shelter
Secondary Org Type Human Services
Tertiary Org Type
Statement from the Board Chair/Board President

As we well know, homelessness in the United States is a serious and growing problem. While there are numerous agencies that address this problem with various forms of assistance, a universal solution is not forthcoming.

Family Promise as an organization has a business model that addresses a small segment of the problem and provides real solutions. Our focus is homeless families. In order to qualify for our program there must be minor children involved. In addition, the families must be drug free and have no felony convictions. Finally, they must be willing to join our program which has a rigorous routine focused on preparing the families for sustained self-sufficiency.

Our program focuses on enabling parents of the families to get themselves on a firm financial footing. They are provided Job and Financial counseling as part of the program. Our case management effort with each family helps them address issues that may be barriers to achieving self-sufficiency and our success experience is very high.

The uniqueness of the Family Promise program is that it enables qualified families to remain together as they prepare themselves to become net contributors to the community. While there are other agencies that help homeless families, ours is one of the only ones that allow the families to remain together in the process.

Our organization runs on a very modest budget. We are able to provide the service that we do because we have hundreds of volunteers from local congregations. Week to week, these congregations provide the evening and overnight shelter and meals to our guest families, on a rotating schedule. Each congregation has a team of dedicated volunteers that are there to provide a dinner, evening company /support and even overnight volunteers. Once a family has graduated from the program, continued counseling helps maintain stability. At this time we have a Transitional House where families have extra time to save for a successful future. One of our goals is to add additional housing for more families.

Our paid staff includes a Network Manager and a Fund Development Coordinator who work together and provide support to the families. We provide our services for as many as 20 families per year for under $100,000.

Our current funding comes from a combination of grants, fund raising events, contributions from our dedicated volunteer base and financial appeals to our friends and supporters. In order to support and grow our program, we are focusing on obtaining additional grants from local trusts and foundations. We have volunteers with grant writing experience and are hopeful that we will be successful in this endeavor. Our board members attend seminars, webinars and other training sessions in order to further develop the program.

My vision is that we will maintain a program where we can double the number of families we are helping annually. In order to achieve this, we will have to increase our support and volunteer base and find additional sources of funding.

Sally Reeder,  Board Chair

Statement from the CEO/Executive Director

Family Promise Sarasota provides CHILDREN and their parents an approx. 90 day period of time to get their footing and really discipline themselves to work on self-sufficiency and financial responsibility, all while offering an atmosphere of support, encouragement and togetherness for the families.  A family unit in our program is kept TOGETHER and NOT separated due to age, gender, or relationship. Mom, dads, guardians and children are kept TOGETHER during their crisis to work as a team. It's so important to have the family together during such a crisis of not having a home, and we see that NEED and address it.  Since we are serving up to 4 families at a time, each gets very personal attention from our staff and a FULL support system from hundreds of interested, compassionate and hands on volunteers from the 11 partnering inter-faith congregations who HOST these families at their church facility.  It becomes almost like "extended family" to our guest families in need.

This program is a COMMUNITY effort.  With two full-time staff , this program utilizes over 250 volunteers within our community to MAKE THIS WORK and assist these children and parents in need.  This program REALLY has a "personal feel" to it for the families we serve. With a SMALL staff and volunteers with facilities, we are able to run this program on about 1/3 of a typical shelter budget - about $150,000 a year.  Family Promise is not a "band-aid" agency - we actually help families from sleeping in their cars or a motel room, go BACK into their own housing in about that 90 day period. This model WORKS.
Families with minor children, who have a history which includes previous self-sufficiency (ability to maintain independent housing and employment) can enter our transitional shelter program where they are provided shelter, meals, basic needs, case management, referrals, resources and support for up to 90 days. During this time adults in the home are required to seek and find full time employment, then disclose income/pay checks to their case manager and formulate a savings of between 70% to 90% of their income while in our program.  Typically by 90 days, families then have enough saved to get themselves back into housing of their own. We assist with existing area resources to help them, and also assist with furnishings and household items as they move into their new residence.  We have volunteer specialists who also assist - including an employment consultant, a psychologist, a financial counselor, a registered nurse and a local pediatrician.
Budget $100,000
Category Human Services, General/Other Children & Youth Services
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served Homeless Children and Youth (0 - 19 years) Unemployed, Underemployed, Dislocated
Short Term Success In 2013 and 2014, Family Promise served 27 families in our transitional shelter program. Of those 27 families, 23 graduated into permanent or transitional housing.  With the support, case management and a solid case plan, families were able to successfully return to self-sufficiency. 
Long Term Success Families who have been hot by the economy, a medical crisis, or unexpected job loss will have the opportunity to rise and get BACK on their feet again.  Families who've lost their housing can once again, get back into a home and learn what it means to work, save and plan for "emergencies" better.  With a support system they inherit from the many volunteers in our program, they have concerned "extended family" they can always call or return to for guidance and resources.  A year after moving from our program, and back into their own housing (in 2013) 90% of families were still living in independent housing.
Program Success Monitoring Monitoring occurs after families graduate the program through visits, phone calls and some families returning to volunteer. Each family is offered optional aftercare support (up to 2 years)  which involves continued case management.  Bi-weekly case management meetings are scheduled the first 2 months, then once a month for 2 months, then visits every other month for 8 months, followed by phone call check in's once a month the next 6 months, and finally 6 months of "as needed calls/visits" - open door policy for assistance/referrals.  Coming back to volunteer with our program is encouraged after families have settled into their new home for at least 2 months.
Program Success Examples
A family we served in 2013/2014 (aftercare), entered our program when dad was laid off from his job shortly after moving to this area.  His wife and daughter arrived and they didn't have enough money to rent a place. We took in the family and mom found a job in a Dr.'s office the first week. Dad was able to also find employment in landscaping after we assisted the family in locating "before school" childcare for their 9 yr old daughter. This family moved from our shelter program and into our transitional house for 4 months before finding and moving into a 2 brd/1 bth rental home where they have now been for over a year.  The family continues in our aftercare program, still employed and have volunteered on multiple occasions for Family Promise Sarasota as evening and overnight hosts in our shelter program.
Our BACK TO WORK program helps our guest families with job seeking /interviewing skills and the means to get back to work again. Our Case Managers offer support, resources and instruction on best practices for job seeking, interviewing. We also connect our guests with our Employment Consultant who works with the guests on their resumes, cover letters, and job seeking skills. We will connect job-seeking guests with local job placement programs such as Suncoast Workforce and Goodwill. We also help provide clothing, work tools and bus passes, or gas cards for families to be able to get to and from job interviews or the job itself. All adult guests are required to work full time while participating in our program.
Budget $10,000
Category Employment, General/Other Employment, General/Other
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served Adults Adults Adults
Short Term Success  With this program, families have structure around them, helping them to achieve employment/income and therefore self-sustaining behaviors to support housing costs.  Full time employment is a requirement for participating in our program, so adults must actively job search weekly (submitting a minimum of 12 applications/resumes per week, documented). Providing these parents with appropriate work clothes, means of transportation (bus passes, gas cards) and occasional work tools can make the difference for them for being employed or not.  In 2014, 60% of the adults in our program entered unemployed and obtained and retained full time employment within 60 days in our program. 30% entered our program already working full time and retained employment. Funds for gas cards, bus passes, work clothing and supplies assist these families who are able, willing and wanting to work and support their children. 
Long Term Success Families who are able to be gainfully employed, are then able to be financially responsible for their cost of living, and therefor return to a state of being able to self sustain for themselves and their families. Out of the 84% of families successfully graduating our program back into housing, over 90% have maintained or found employment during their 90 days (or less) in our program.
Program Success Monitoring During the guest families 30 to 90 stay in our shelter program, we are monitoring guests weekly (and connect with them multiple times per week).  All interviews for work and job offers are reported to the case manager/Director. All guests report when they start employment, their weekly work schedules and turn in pay stubs.  All families are offered AFTERCARE once they have have obtained new housing and move out of our shelter program. It is optional, where we continue to follow and practice case management, and thus far 90% of our families have signed on for aftercare. We continue to visit them in their new home bi-weekly for 2 months, once a month for 4 months, every other month for the next 6 months, then quarterly for 6 months and "as needed" for 6 months. We're able to follow employment and housing status for as long as family continues aftercare practices. 
Program Success Examples
In 2014, a mom of 2 teens entered our program after her husband relapsed to drugs and they parted ways. She was working part time and could no longer afford their home. After 30 days in our program, she was hired full time, went into transitional housing for a few months, then rented her own home again. She and her children remained housed today. 
Another mom entered our program after losing her job, and she had 4 kids ages 10 months to 7 yrs.  We assisted her in her job search, provided gas cards to assist getting her kids to school and to interviews, and she eventually was hired full time in a local office doing administrative work. Mom was then able to secure a 3 bdr apartment locally, where she continues to reside today.  The support and assistance of the program helps makes this happen for families. 
Description Our transitional house program is a home we can offer a family to rent LOW COST for a short amount of time, after going through 90 days in our shelter program if they need a bit more time to save towards a permanent home. This home, located in central Sarasota was donated for us to use by a local family wanting to help families in this homeless crisis. It is name named Steve's House.  It's a 4 bdr/2bth home.  It can be rented by one of our families for $250 per month, plus water and electric. This enables a family to continue with our program, bi-weekly case management and save towards a permanent move. Families using the house can rent it for up to 4 months, per their needs. Only families who've gone through the shelter program in Family Promise are eligible to to rent the home, per staff discretion. (We can also have 2 single same-gender parents use the home that have 1 or 2 children, if they agree to sharing it and splitting costs. We have had this happen once.) 
Budget $10,000
Category Housing, General/Other Transitional Housing
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served Families Children Only (5 - 14 years) Families
Short Term Success Families using the transitional house are able to stay active and connected with Family Promise and are case management services.  The families must sign a short-term lease with the owners, and an agreement with Family Promise of Sarasota on guidelines to follow while in the home.  Drugs and alcohol are not permitted, as are no animals, etc.  Families are required to SAVE a portion of their income while in the home, and they must present documentation of their savings at each case management meeting (which can be done at the home). The continued support and accountability makes these families successfully in securing permanent housing within 4 months.
Long Term Success Since acquiring the transitional house (2011), 100% of the multiple families who've used it, have moved from it into permanent housing (rental homes). Having the basic need of housing available to them, affordably, for a longer period of time has allowed them to save up towards a permanent move.
Program Success Monitoring Case managers continue to see the families in our transitional house bi-weekly, going over their challenges with life, successes, savings/financials, and continued support and resources/referrals. Families are responsible to seek and find their own housing once their time at the house is coming to an end, and their case manager can assist with their search. When a family is ready to move out, they must clean the home and Family Promise can assist in getting them needed furniture, household items and some financial assistance for move in's through other local programs/resources. 
Program Success Examples One single mom of 2 teenage sons, who successfully completed our shelter program, just need a few extra months to save up for her move.  She worked in home health care, while both boys attended high school. She was able to save up thousands of dollars while in our program, and found a home to rent after exiting the transitional house. 2 years later, she is in her rental, working and providing well for her family.
Description We offer (optional) Aftercare to all families who complete our program, and move into transitional or permanent housing from here. Aftercare consists of continued supportive services and case management.  Once a family moves into their new home, they are given the option to sign up for this aftercare. It consists of bi-monthly case management meetings in their home, for 2 months. Then 1 visit per month and a phone call per month, for 2  months. For the following 8 months 1 cal per month, and visits bi-monthly, and then 6 months of one call per month (or more as needed, and visits as requested), with final 6 months phone calls every other month.). Families can also receive needed referrals for other services, holiday assistance, use of our day center (computers) if/when needed, notary services, and 1 drawing a month for a $35 gift card for groceries or gas from families who keep required home visits and phone calls.
Budget $7,500
Category Human Services, General/Other In-Home Assistance
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served Families Families Families
Short Term Success Families opting to participate in Aftercare find it to be extension of supportive services, and only one family thus far has not opted to participate.  Having a case-manager for extended support as they move back into a home has proven to be very beneficial to our families, who we get to know so very well during their stay with us. All families who've opted for this program since summer of last year (2013) have remained housed since then.
Long Term Success This program was re-formed and re-organized in the summer of 2013 to present families with much needed on-going support as they go from homelessness to back into housing. This program was designed to help keep families housed, and with the families opting for it, thus far, 100% have remained housed.
Program Success Monitoring Case management and continued contact keeps us up to date on how families are doing, and their current living arrangements. Families are also offered the option to come back and volunteer with our program after they've been in their new home for  minimum of 2 months. Many families opt to return and volunteer.
Program Success Examples
One family of 3 utilized our transitional house for a few months, while looking for permanent housing.  While mom worked in a Dr.'s office as a medical assistant, and dad worked construction, the family was able to save money and  find a 2 bdr/1 bth rental home in central Sarasota for $850 per month. They are living there today, and meeting now monthly for aftercare.
Description Our new REACH program = Recreational, Education, After-school Care & Holidays program assists our families with the important feature of child care while each family maintains employment.  Through each year families face the challenge of obtaining and paying for child care when school is not in session and daycare costs for families of 5 yr olds and under.  Schools typically break many times a year for holidays, professional days, Spring break, Winter break, summer, and after school hours (when many parents are still working.)  Our new REACH program was funded by donations in the community, the Five Talent Fund and the Florida Winefest and Auction Inc, to sponsor our current guest family and guest graduate (aftercare) kids to be taken care of so parents can maintain the employment needed to support themselves and their housing (once moved in).  
Budget $20,000
Category Youth Development, General/Other Youth Development, General/Other
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served Children and Youth (0 - 19 years) Adults Families
Short Term Success
This program is implemented to begin June 1st 2015.  To provide child care so that the family can maintain employment.  By assisting families with the costs involved in various forms of child care, this enables the parents to remain employed, and earning and saving $ towards their eventual move into permanent housing (and assisting families who have moved into housing with extra costs of childcare.)  We anticipate being able to assist 12 to 18 families, and 20 + children between the ages of 6 weeks and 16 yrs of age in the next year.
Long Term Success By assisting families in our shelter program, during aftercare once moved back into a permanent housing situation, we'll enable 12 to 18 families in the coming year to maintain permanent housing and self-sufficiency.  80% of the families we shelter obtain permanent housing after 90 days in our program, and our continued support in this area should assist them in maintaining housing while working and hopefully expanding their education to provide them with better paying employment in near future. 
Program Success Monitoring We are able to track our guest families in the shelter program with their weekly case management meetings, assuring the children are indeed in care while parents are working, and we collect parent pay stubs, financial records from their bank. Families who have moved back into housing are tracked via our aftercare program which continues case management meetings from bi-weekly, to monthly to bi-monthly as time goes on.  We continue to track each families finances as to hold accountability to spending and budgeting habits.
Program Success Examples As of May 20, 2015, we have have funded the summer camps for 4 families (6 children), weekend childcare for one single mom who has 5 children and works weekends, and daily daycare costs for 2 young preschool girls in shelter for the month of May. This fund was just made available THIS month.
Program Comments by Organization Family Promise Sarasota has been serving 3 families at a time for up to 90 days at a time, but we desire to serve 4 families as a time in transitional shelter, but need a house with 4 bdrs in order to do so. (A few of our hosting congregations currently use a house next to our office to host our families during their hosting weeks, but it's a 3 bdr home. Long term, we would like to recruit another dozen local congregations willing to partner with us as HOST congregations, and we would then be able to DOUBLE the amount of families served at a time (and would need to hire 1 more staff) -as we could have a 2nd rotation of congregations hosting. (more funding required for the extra case manager)
CEO/Executive Director
CEO/Executive Director No Executive Director
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Former CEOs/Executive Directors
Wendy Celia Fitton July 2011 - May 2016
Lisa Hagerman Jan 2007 - Apr 2009
Senior Staff
Ms Caroline Chambliss Director of Development
Staff & Volunteer Statistics
Full Time Staff 2
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Staff Retention Rate % 100
Professional Development Yes
Contractors 0
Volunteers 200
Management Reports to Board Yes
CEO/Executive Director Formal Evaluation N/A
Senior Management Formal Evaluation N/A
Non-Management Formal Evaluation Yes
Family Promise Sarasota collaborates with any and all willing local,  inter-faith congregations/civic groups who will partner with us to provide the needs of these children and families in crisis.  We currently partner with 15 local congregations who help provide the shelter, meals and some financial support for the program. We also partner with the following agencies and businesses/professionals to help provide as many needs and services to our guest families as possible while we're working with them:
YMCA Schoolhouse Link
Salvation Army/ FAITH Program
United Way Manasota 211
Gulf Coast Community Foundation
Sylvia Kolker, LCSW
Jewish Children and Family Services - Building Strong Families
Boys & Girls Club Sarasota
Harvest House Transitional Centers
The Pines Fabulous Finds Thrift Store (donated furnishings)
Sunnyside Village  (donated furnishings)
Micheal Z Hair Salon 
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Board Chair
Board Chair Ms. Sally Reeder
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Board Term Dec 2014 to Dec 2016
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Board Members
Ms Danielle Bourque CYD student
Ms Sandee Davis retired Grimefighters owner
Mr Tyler Hayden Shumaker Loop & Kendrick attorney
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Mrs Wendy Leventhal Coldwell Banker
Mrs. Nancy Levine Keegan Nuerology/Roskamp Institute
Mr Andrew Lowther Wells Fargo advisors
Mr. Stanley Pelletz retired
Mrs. Betty Pelletz retired teacher
Ms Sally Reeder Classic World Travel
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Ms Jeanne Zeigler Ann Folsom Interior Design
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Projected Revenue $120,000.00
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Fiscal Year201620152014
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Corporation Contributions
Government Contributions$49,071$4,000$2,500
Individual Contributions$3,537$52,060$132,477
Investment Income, Net of Losses$180$38$0
Membership Dues$0$0$0
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Fiscal Year201620152014
Program Expense$5,438$21,911$19,959
Administration Expense$120,847$121,078$104,473
Fundraising Expense$1,661$5,429$0
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Total Revenue/Total Expenses1.201.061.21
Program Expense/Total Expenses4%15%16%
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Fiscal Year201620152014
Total Assets$116,363$116,367$90,672
Current Assets$0$67,161$44,541
Long-Term Liabilities$0$0$0
Current Liabilities$0$25,667$8,248
Total Net Assets$116,363$90,700$82,424
Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201620152014
Top Funding Source & Dollar AmountFederated Campaigns $78,973Federated Campaigns $73,294Contributions, gifts, grants $132,477
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountGovernment Grants - Unspecified $49,071Contributions, gifts, grants $52,060Just Deserts $15,651
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountProgram Service Revenue $21,848Just Deserts $14,364Government Grants - Unspecified $2,500
CEO/Executive Director Compensation
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Fiscal Year201620152014
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities--2.625.40
Long Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201620152014
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets0%0%0%
Financials Comments
Financial Comments by Organization Though Family Promise is a national organization, we are not widely known within the community, so marketing is an area in which we need to grow.  Being on a shoe-string budget, we rely on volunteers to help spread the word and engage others who have expertise in area's such as PR, etc.  We believe that once people see what we do and hear about the success of our program, they WANT to contribute.
Financial Comments by Foundation Foundations and corporations are included with individual contributions as they are not separated in the Federal tax returns.  Financial figures were taken from IRS Form 990s. 
Nonprofit Family Promise of Sarasota Inc
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