Sarasota K-9 Search And Rescue Inc
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Our Mission is to strengthen and assist local, state and national first responders with a professional, well-organized, well trained team that has a strong bond to ensure the safest and most positive outcome to each and every mission. 
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Impact Statement
A missing person is a person who has disappeared, and whose status as alive or dead cannot be confirmed as their location and fate is not believed known.  The situation, uncertainties and lack of closure or funeral resulting when a person goes missing, may be extremely painful & long-lasting for family and friends.
Sources:  FBI; National Crime Info Center; U.S. Justice Dept.; Vanished Children's Alliance; Redbook, Feb 1998; State of WA Office of the Att Gen; U.S. Dept of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Juvenile Justice Bulletin, June 2000
* Every 40 seconds in the US, a child becomes missing or is abducted
* Based on the identity of the perpetrator, there are 3 distinct types of   
   kidnapping:  family (49%), acquaintance (27%) & stranger (24%)
* In 80% of abductions by strangers, the 1st contact between the child & the
   abductor occurs within a 1/4 mile of the child's home
* Acting quickly is critical.  74% of abducted children who are ultimately
   murdered are dead within 3 hrs of the abduction
FBI Stat:  01-01-11 / 12-31-11
* 2,000 children are reported as missing to local law-enforcement daily
* Of those abducted, females 11-17 are most likely to be victimized
* 60% were white Americans
* 40% were minority
Cases in which SRQ K-9 Search & Rescue dogs played a role:
Carlie Brucia:  A bloodhound contributed to the SRQ Sheriff's Detective apprehending a suspect in the 2004 abduction, rape & murder of the 11 yr old.  Dogs followed Brucia's scent until they lost it at a car wash on Bee Ridge Rd.  A video camera showed her being snatched at that very spot by Joe Smith, who would be sentenced to death for the crime.
Denise Lee:  In Jan 2008, SRQ K-9 discoved the body of abduction, rape & murder victim Denise Lee of N. Port in a shallow grave, a few miles from where a 911 caller had seen her struggling in a car driven by unemployed plumber Michael King.  King received a life sentence.
Needs Statement

1. Training facility:  An Estimated amount of $200,000 to build a permanent training facility is needed. This will ensure our high level of readiness for our K-9’s and search team members.

2. Training Fund:  Continued progressive training is essential for the Sarasota K-9 Search and Rescue team to stay current with state and national requirements to serve the community. We are in need of an additional $15,000.

3. Education / Scholarship Fund:  To educate the children of our community and provide them with the knowledge and tools that are necessary to protect them from dangerous situations they many encounter.  To continue publishing the children's book series of Noah the Search Dog will require approx $25,000.

4. K-9 Medical Fund:  Health insurance for our canine team members to provide our rescue dogs with the best medical care available for any illness or injury. We are requesting $20,000 for this fund.

5. Team Member Logistics:  We are an all volunteer team and bare the cost of our everyday expenses for training & deployments. Vacation time is used for this volunteer work willingly. An expense reimbursement for fuel and associated costs will continue the growth of the team. Requesting $15,000.

Background Statement

Pat and Joe Abrams founded the Sarasota K9 Search and Rescue Team in 1996. Their dream was to have a canine search and rescue team available to assist in any event involving missing persons. From the original seven members and their canines to currently more than thirty members with twenty-five canines, the team has grown into a respected and renowned Type I Wilderness Search and Rescue Team.

Members come from all walks of life.  The team networks with Sarasota County Fire Department, Sarasota County Emergency Management, and Florida Forest Service and is part of the statewide mutual aid response system. Team members provide over 10,000 volunteer hours every year to their community.


  • 1998- Tornado damage deployment, State of Fl under the Fl State Fire Marshall
  • 2000- Governors Distinguished Service Award for assistance to the Division of Forestry after a particularly prolific wildfire season.
  • 2001- September 11, the team was put on standby alert.
  • 2002- Received the Outstanding Innovative Project Award for providing therapy with their canines-Sarasota Cty School system
  • 2003- Columbia space shuttle recovery- members joined the Fl Task Force- deployed in Hamblin, TX they discovered the shuttle’s flight recorder box.
  • 2003- Awarded the Florida Governor’s First Responder Award.
  • 2004- Response to Hurricanes Charlie, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne. 
  • 2005- Hurricane Katrina- members on standby
  • 2005- Hurricane Wilma-Sarasota County opened Pet Friendly Shelter’s for the first time prior to Hurricane Wilma and tasked the team with the management of these shelters. More than 2700 citizens and animals were evacuated from the low-lying areas and mobile home parks in the county.
  • The team has been activated and deployed 250 plus times and is entering its 17th year
  • To date, 22 criminals have been sentenced to life in prison or they are on death row due to the advanced training of the members and their canines that assisted law enforcement for their horrendous crimes they committed against humanity. The families that we serve never received a bill for our services but they did find closure with their family member found and justice was served.
  • 2012- President, Pat Abrams, was given the award by the Community Foundation, Wilson Wood Foundation for the Unsung Hero. With the funds, she began writing children’s books to educate them on self-rescue and to teach them to be safe without the loss of their innocence. Noah and the Search Dogs is now a series.
Areas Served
Areas Served
Areas Served Comments We are available to serve any disaster when requested by an agency. 
Service Categories
Primary Org Type Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness and Relief
Secondary Org Type Public & Societal Benefit
Tertiary Org Type
Statement from the Board Chair/Board President

My story starts 21 years ago when my family went through a nightmare that involved a criminal act of violence to my ten year old daughter. A family is never prepared for the reality of violent abuse, and the consequences that come with it, such as years of trauma, anger, sadness, and the piling unpaid medical bills as you look toward your future.  The questions that kept haunting me: How do you not become a victim yourself?  How can you get out of the nightmare before you are swallowed up into the blackness? My parents always taught me that when life hands you a lemon, you need to make lemonade. So, I tried to think of positive solutions for our family to survive such a horrible event.

 I remember my daughter at her young age asking the question, “How can we help the children from being taken by bad people?” Can you help me Mom?

My families’ love of the fire service, the love of animals and our time spent volunteering in the community service field produced K-9 Search and Rescue. We let Jessica pick out two 15 week old Australian Shepherd mixed puppy brothers from the Humane Society and began our training in Lee County. She picked Jerry Lee and Bear because they had also been abused. They had been thrown from the back of a pick-up truck to be used for gator bait in the Myakka State Park. A woman witnessed the whole ordeal and saved the puppies. As my daughter listened to the story she latched on to them and wouldn’t let go wanting to give these animals a loving home.  The boys became Jessica’s best friends and the best therapy you could ever have. Everyday you could feel the healing power that these puppies brought into our home with their unconditional love. I enjoyed training the dogs so much that my husband and daughter brought home another adopted wet nose for me on Valentines Day. We named him Noah. Little did these puppies know that their search and rescue training was going to lead to the beginning of the Sarasota K-9 Search and Rescue Team. 
My husband Joe and I spent 2 years learning all we could from other south Florida teams and decided to bring this knowledge to Sarasota and start our own team. We invited 7 wonderful people to discuss our mission and dreams and developed the organization. At the beginning, everyone was responsible for their own equipment, training at night and on week-ends, taking classes and working hard to prove that we could be a valuable tool to Sarasota Cty Emergency service. We starting receiving donations from others who believed in us and we grew to seventeen members and received the recognition of the Sarasota County Emergency Management and the Sarasota County Fire Department. 
We still continue to grow and the dedicated men & women of this team still have the same dream and goal: To partner with the K-9’s to find the lost, return the missing and to serve the community. In 250 missions to date, Sarasota K-9 Search and Rescue is still upholding our promise, return the lost to their families. 


The purpose of Emergency Support Function 9 (ESF 9) is to provide state support to local governments and to coordinate the deployment of resources in both urban and non-urban search and rescue in response to actual or potential emergency/disaster events.



1. Urban search and rescue activities include, but are not limited to, locating, extricating, and providing immediate medical assistance to survivors trapped in collapsed structures.

2. Non-urban search and rescue activities include, but are not limited to, emergency incidents that involve locating missing persons, locating boats that are lost at sea, locating downed aircraft, extrication if necessary, and treating any survivors upon their rescue.

3. Wilderness Search and Rescue missions include, but are not limited to, locating overdue/missing boaters on inland bodies of water or rivers, locating overdue persons, or locating downed aircraft in wilderness areas with limited/restricted access, extrication when possible and treating any survivors upon their rescue.

Budget $16,500
Category Public Safety, Disaster Services, General/Other
Program Linked to Organizational Strategy Yes
Population Served Victims
Short Term Success

Sarasota K-9 Search and Rescue Team will continue to do the following for the short term goals:

 1.  Education Fund:  Continue to sell children’s books and meet with educational groups to teach children to self-rescue.

2.  K-9 Medical Fund:  Continue to work with Veterinarians as business partners to off set medical bills and K-9 products with cost reductions or payment plans.

3.  Training Fund:  To continue to grant write and budget our incoming dollars to provide the team members the valued training for certification.

4.  Building Fund:  Hold a large fundraiser to benefit the building and educate the guests on why this is so important to the core of our team’s future.

Long Term Success

The long term goals of Sarasota K-9 Search and Rescue are the permanent training facility and the funds to provide all of our SAR trainers with the ability to become Nationally Certified SAR trainers based out of Sarasota, Florida.  This would enable us to bring SAR teams from all over the country for a 6 week program to certify them in the discipline of helping their own communities in their time of need. If you look at the Golden Rule for one hour of life, a response team needs to be on the ground working within the first hour of an emergency. There are so many communities that don’t have the ability to do this because they have nowhere to go nor the resources and or funding to help those in need. Our team has traveled many hours and even days to reach those that have needed our help. With this long term program goal, we can reach more people in need assisting their agency for the best outcome – a life saved.  This is our goal for the future.

Program Success Monitoring

Since the team’s inception, we have grown from 7 to 45 members.  The programs’ success stems from the volunteers commitment to serve our mission, values, and vision statements. We monitor these by documentation of the volunteer hours which exceeds 10,000 per year. We also measure each canines training logs which have to be submitted with each canines lesson plans for evaluation. To term, all members and canines have achieved the testing requirements to meet state standards.

The setbacks we face are the loss of our dogs due to age & injury, the time and expense to evaluate & train a new search dog is very costly, approx 800 to 2000 dollars. Because of this, recruitment of team members is down. The cost of living has become a huge burden in an already struggling economy. The team members make extreme family sacrifices to do this as a professional volunteer job. It would be a tremendous relief to have donors assist us so that we can continue to bring home the lost.

Program Success Examples  
Top 5 Searches 2012
 1.  Jan. 3, 2012  Sarasota County: “Endangered Missing Horseback Rider”  

Rapid Deployment Requested. Assist law enforcement in locating endangered female thrown from horse in large wild land area. Time sensitive.  Extreme cold weather, no daylight. Female subject found.

 2.  April 25, 2012 Collier County: “Search Warrant “

Assist local, state and federal law enforcement agencies on high profile double homicide cold case. Resource requested human remains detection canines to clear 600 plus acres. Case pending.

  3.  May 19 & 20, 2012 Charlotte County: “Assist Law Enforcement” 

Locate missing endangered female, possibly drowned in Peace River.  Resource request land/water human remains detection canines. Female subject found.

 4.  August 21, 2012 Hardee County:  “Search Warrant “

Assist Lead State Law Enforcement Agency (FDLE) on cold case homicide on a large agricultural land parcel. Resource request human remains detection canines. Case pending

 5.  September 10 & 11, 2012 Desoto County: Assist multiple county law enforcement agencies locate drowning victim in Peace River.

Hazardous water conditions flood stage fast moving.  Resource request water human remains canines.  Body recovered.


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